Thursday, January 16, 2014


The cut-rate tyrant in Washington DC is pointing the big guns of his government at a little Order of nuns who are refusing to comply with his health care mandate.  He has just put the ever-popular Department of Justice(?) under Eric the Red (aka Holder) to make them comply, just like the little Stalin that he is.

Here's a perceptive article from Judge Napolitano:

For some odd reason I am unable to hear any protests coming from a certain little state within Italy.  Did I miss it?


I am informed - I hope correctly - that the mandate was discussed when Frankenstein look-a-like John Kerry met with a senior Vatican official.  Please God it is true.

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aly said...

Yes I hope too and also hope that they discussed how absolutely evil the "State" of "Israel" is and is the US for supporting it and what can possibly be done about it. No commas please.

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