Friday, September 6, 2013


Tomorrow I and members of my family will at the suggestion of our Supreme Pontiff, Francis, observe a day of fasting and prayer for Syria.  The Holy Father has couched this in diplomatic terms, saying he is doing this for peace in Syria.

I applaud him for this even while adding more specifics to these prayers, namely: that the Holy Family will put a stop to the American/Israeli plans to wipe out Christianity in the Middle East.  For that is what the goal is even though it is not stated, even though, in some obtuse political minds, it is not even understood.  I will pray for peace, as the Holy Father commendably asks, adding that that peace involves the frustrating of America's plans to topple a regime that has been protective of Christians.  With America "acting like a monkey with a hand grenade" in the Middle East combined with Israel's hectoring and badgering the political establishment to kill more innocents such prayers as the Holy Father suggests are urgent.  While the pitiful Abe Foxman screams that we must destroy Syria the Pope asks us to turn to Heaven in prayer.  I will offer the Fast and the prayers that there will be peace, true peace, in Syria.

As we speak powerful lobbying groups are busy working the United States Congress urging them to authorize another blank war check to our glorious emperor.  Over at Thomas DiLorenzo gives us a list of who is strongly backing the war:

The Americans are behind the rebels.  Do not accept US equivocating on this point.  America is supplying them with money, weapons and strategy (I say this so that good Americans start to realize the present day realities).  Here is one result of that strategy:

That should lay to rest any doubt about who is the ultimate target, and who it is that will suffer the most from the actions of the Axis.

I respectfully urge any who might read this to join Pope Francis tomorrow, September 7th, the First Saturday of the month and the eve of the birth day of the Blessed Virgin Mary, to pray and to fast for Syria, a land made holy by the presence there of Jesus Christ.


As I write Russian war ships are headed toward Syria.  Obviously I don't know what this means since I am no expert on the Russian mind.  It may mean nothing.  President Putin, one of the few wise heads on the world scene, is certainly no fool and he knows very well that this whole scenario, particularly the chemical weapons story, is built upon malicious falsehoods.  We can hope that the military presence of a country that is not easily seduced by liars might cool down a few trigger-happy regimes itching to shoot missiles at the innocent.

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aly said...

Aged parent, I am joining in prayer and fasting. I am thankful that this is taking place.
There is an official petition to speak against this act of war. It is Congressman Alan Grayson's site. He is D-Florida. I heard him speak against this action on RT. Beyond this I am not familiar with him. He spoke very well on this.
don't attack The coming
week he will take this overwhelming
disapproval from the citizenry to Congress.

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