Tuesday, September 24, 2013


That should possibly be the headline of the recent New York Times article on the Clown Prince of the Catholic Church, Timothy Dolan.

"I'm so happy I don't have to talk about queers and abortion anymore...not that I never did."

The happy story is here.

The Cardinal is relieved by the Pope's calamitous interview.  He is relieved because he no longer has to find the courage to speak like a Catholic on major issues which are destroying both the world and the Church.  Not that Dolan ever said much of anything about these matters during his long and uninspiring career as a Churchman, but now he has his "cover" from Rome and is happy and relieved that he no longer has to obsess about unborn children being shredded to pieces by abortion butchers or about sodomites who are bringing the stench of sexual perversion into the mainstream.

Now that you have been relieved, Your Eminence, please relieve us...by resigning your office and spending your remaining days on earth in a monastery, or somewhere where you can review your disastrous performance as a Catholic leader and make your peace with God.  Anywhere, as long as you are away from Catholics who are clinging to the Faith by a thread.

And thank you, Your Holiness, for giving the enemies of the Catholic Church more ammunition with which to attack her.

The Church will win in the end in the sense that God the Father will win in the end.  The Church will be restored because it is always restored after terrible trials.  Even this hideous time will pass.

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Православный физик said...

Cardinal Dolan should be next to resign, I heard it was crazy to aspire to be Bishop....but at this rate, I'll happily replace him...

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