Tuesday, September 17, 2013


Lindsey Graham addresses his constituents
An excellent article by Pat Buchanan on that great Warrior, Senator Lindsey Graham (R, Tel Aviv):


You must understand that Senator Graham likes to see blood, preferably Muslim blood, drenching the entire Middle East and if innocent Christian blood (or innocent Muslim blood for that matter) gets spilled in the process of achieving Lindsey's "Christian Zionist" dream, well so be it.  If you want to make an omelet you have to break some eggs.

The Christians of the Middle East in any case do not hold much interest for the Senator, as they are unlike the Bible-slapping Dispensationalist kind of which Mr Graham is one.  Mr Graham can trace his brand of religion from God knows where; the Christians of the Middle East trace theirs from Christ.

But it is tiresome talking about the Senator.  One can only hope that he will be put out to pasture at the very earliest opportunity.

McCain, Bibi and Lindsey: The Axis of evil?
Here are some photos of Bagdad, before and after Lindsey Graham:



aly said...

AXIS OF EVIL!!! THEY should be hanged for THEIR CRIMES!!!

aly said...

Aged parent, Tomorrow which is almost here I'll begin calling and mailing the City of Satan again. What can we do? I've already spoken clearly. Choose, US or the Jews!

aly said...

dear Aged parent, I linked to
slideshare and the real horror,
sadness, grief I felt was telling.
I'm certain that most people in the U.S. and Western Europe have never seen photographs like these and through the Western propaganda
filters, specifically during this
war on Iraq never felt this horror and grief. That is how war propaganda has always worked and has to, otherwise there would likely
be far fewer wars for the few at the cost of the many.
I have a modest knowledge of internet use, who bothers with what presents itself as need to know. So now I need to know how to forward these photographs.
I'll forward them to Graham and McCain just to make a point; and to others to help stop this evil.

Anonymous said...

Oh please, are you conciliar now? Christians are massacred by muslims, but all you care is whether the US will shed muslim blood. They're a protected species didn't you now? Your governments build them foot baths at public schools, universities and even churches, the Church says they share salvation with Christians because they suposedly worship the same god even though their quran calls Christians idolaters for joining partners with allah and say that the Trinity is composed of Jesus, his Father and Mary. You can now be jailed for wearing a crucifix as it offends muslims, or for leaving bacon strips in front of a mosque, in syria muslims have burned churches and Christian villages, and threatened Christians with conversion or death, but all you care is muslim, right? You should change the subject of your damn blog. I'm all for the war to stop, but if we should be suporting anyone it should be Assad just as your beloved Putin is doing, at least Christians were protected because Assad isn't the same sect as the rebels, he's a minority, an Alawite opossed to the rebels sunnism.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

Thank you for your comment.

I am assuming that you are new to this blog because of the nature of your remarks. If you were more familiar with what is written here you would see that we recognize only one religion to be the true one and all the others to be false in one way or another.

The shedding of blood that this writer finds horrible is innocent blood, whether those innocents be Catholics, Orthodox, Muslim, Protestant, Jewish, etc. Surely you would agree that the killing of innocents is never justified under any circumstances, and that is according to the 2,000 year teachings of the Catholic Church. To categorize all Muslims as mad terrorists displays a lack of understanding about what the actual realities are in the Middle East. If I could advice you I would recommend you pay less attention to US propaganda and more attention to those who are living in the Middle East and are experiencing the problems. Our blog has given numerous reports from those "on the ground" which presents a far different picture than what is found in our media.

I agree with you that we should be supporting Assad. He was certainly not behind those chemical attacks which nearly everyone (other than Obama and his zombies) knows was a false flag incident concocted by the US-backed terrorists, aka "rebels".

My "beloved Putin"? I don't know what to make of that remark. But I will say that as things now stand I'd rather be led by a man like him than the sociopaths who are running our government.

Again, thanks for your comments.

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