Monday, September 9, 2013


Over at the APROPOS blog editor Anthony Fraser posts this:

Criticism of the Pope
The Pope and Abortion etc.
One could not but reflect on reading  the Pope’s reply to his Brazilian interlocutor regarding abortion, on the flight back from Brazil, that his reply would have satisfied what we call the Justice and Peace crowd.   In an article in Apropos No. 16,  1994, we drew attention to the fact that the Justice and Peace apparatchiks in Scotland  seldom if ever attacked abortion etc.  In their defence they employed all manner of verbal gymnastics to justify their inactivity in that area - the essence of which was that pro-life issues must be dealt with in the widest context and without duplicating the work already done by other agencies.  Exasperation at the Church’s inactivity in this area led to a protest by the veteran pro-lifer, the late Fr James Morrow,  who remarked at a clergy meeting that ‘no organ of the Catholic Church in this country was meeting the need [to oppose Planned Parenthood]’, only to be met with what he described as ‘stony silence’.   The Pope’s equating of abortion with cheating and lying did not go down particularly well with his Brazilian interviewer.   The article, Descent into Darkness, by James Larson analyzes the Pope’s response in more detail particularly in the light of the pro-abortion and same-sex ‘marriage’ proposals of his recent hosts in Brazil.

Just click on the APROPOS link here at The Eye-Witness blog to read this brilliant article by James Larson to which Mr Fraser refers.  Mr Larson wins our admiration as a fearless defender of the Catholic religion, a man who is unafraid to speak plainly.

We join Tony in recommending, too, Christian Order magazine, edited by Rod Pead, which every Catholic should be subscribing to without fail.


Tancred said...

Would you please introduce sharing buttons to make sharing these stories easier.


Aged parent said...

Thank you, friend Tancred. I believe I've added what you requested correctly.

Aged parent said...
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Henry said...

Thank you for publishing this.

otis said...

It is always darkest before the Dawn. Hurry the Triumph of the Immaculate Heart!

otis said...

Christian Order has links on it's website that are suspect. Catholic Answers is as anti-Traditional Catholic as it gets and has been on my personal list of condemned sites for years. I also take issue that they have the FSSP who dances with the devils in Rome yet no link to the faithful and always Catholic SSPX.

Sorry, but I will NOT be subscribing to anyone who leaves open wide the smoke of satan fissures.

Aged parent said...

Your welcome, Henry, and thank you for visiting our blog.

And thank you as well, Otis, for visiting and your comments.

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