Wednesday, September 18, 2013


Masonry's stooge and Europe's laughingstock
The nonentity who rules France today, the puny in mind and body Francois Hollande, is not happy with the Russian deal to stop the unjust war against the Syrian people.  Like the obnoxious and often-ignored little child who stands on a makeshift platform and demands to be acknowledged as someone of importance, the delusional Hollande wants the world to look at him as an Important Leader.  He wants war, and he wants it right now.  Tomorrow will not do.  Because of that he sees himself as the man of the hour.

He is nothing of the kind.  He is an arrogant and very small bully who barks and bellows and wants to see more dead Christians and Muslims so that he can manufacture some kind of image as a Very Important Person.  And why not?  As Freemasonry's point man in France he must be dedicated to the destruction of order, of beauty, of common sense and the Church.  As such he joins Perfidious Albion as another enemy of Christendom.  [Please note that when we speak of "perfidious albion" we are not referring to the good and the noble that still exists in that beautiful land, once Our Lady's Dowry.]

This is the same cretin who shoves the filth of sodomy onto his nation, blithely ignoring the overwhelming majority of his citizens, blithely ignoring even simple decency.  He has rightly been called by his own people a fascist, a war-monger, a persecutor of the Church and a twerp.  We would add that he is merely another of Mr Obama's poodles, though for the life of us why any leader would wish to do the bidding of such a man as Obama is beyond our comprehension.  But the USA wants war, which is why - despite Russia's efforts to prevent it - they are arming the rebels, lying about the realities of Syria and, as usual, doing the dirty work of another notable regime while at the same time lining up as many poodles as they can to support them.

Mr Hollande has many lethal toys to play with and his trigger finger is very itchy.  He wants to play with those toys very badly.

The Little Man of France wants to scuttle Vladimir Putin's efforts to protect innocent Syrians from being annihilated.   We could merely laugh at him for his efforts but we must never underestimate the powers that be who still want Syrians to die.  While Hollande is nothing those he serves are not nothing, and they are determined as are all men driven by evil.

Can Mr Putin still stop this madness?  Let us hope he can.  Thus far he is accomplishing this with a few prudent moves that will save lives if he is successful.  Failing that he does have warships in the Mediterranean.  Perhaps that fact will contribute to some sanity.

St Louis IX, pray for France.


aly said...

Netanyahu is a Demon. In The Israeli Doctrine Preventive War is
a central precept. Attack other countries, devastate and kill a lot
of people so they have no means of attacking Israel whether or not there is a real threat. Of course
it is very preferable that the U.S.
do it for you i.e. the dirty, bloody, costly work. And the Israeli lobbies in the U.S. and the
Jewish think tanks in the U.S. have the Preventive War precept.
Another precept is Right to Intervene. So any reason they state
which sounds good is grounds for
wars of their choosing which they
covertly started per the CIA. The CIA is of course a very dirty business with all manner of means
to start these turf wars. For example gathering and yes, even creating terrorists which they did
before the Syrian "civil" war broke
out and which they are continuing to create, train and arm more terrorists because of the war cabal's initial miscalculations. They had thought
that Assad and the official Syrian
Army would have fallen before now.
And in fact the U.S. created Al-Quaeda. This is our morally superior State.

Anonymous said...

what is it with the rabid antisemitism in these catholic sites? Are you now friend of the muslim animals who are both the ones who murder jewish children in their sleep (Fogel children) and massacre Christians by the thousands, everyday, in Africa, Europe, Asia and America? al-qaeda was created by the saudi royals and their entourage, America financed Pakistan's ISI at a time when political correctness hadn't yet hindered our ability to call our enemies by teir name and islam was not a threat because we weren't afraid to be called intolerant or bigots or racist and we could have swatted them like flies. You and your banter only serves to undermine your own country and to embolden your enemies, are you really that stupid? You're strenghening the enemies of Christendom, you fool, by claiming you have no right to critize the horror they willingly commit because your country supposedly did equal or worse, you fool, you're a disgrace to Christendom.

Aged parent said...

Dear Anon:

I'm afraid your comments betray a very poor understanding of what is going on in the world in general and the Middle East in particular. It also suggests an unfamiliarity with the history of that region. Understanding the history there would be most helpful to anyone trying to form an opinion of what is now happening in that sad land. It might shock you to learn that Christians, Muslims and Jews lived in relative harmony with each other in the East until 1948. From that year, the year that European Zionists descended upon the Holy Land and killed, kicked out and dispossessed the historic inhabitants of Palestine, the horrors began and they have not abated since. That is the primary problem, and that is what has given birth to the blowback against us, since the US supported the illegal occupation of Palestine almost from day one (as did the Soviets). When you had a couple of centuries of relative peace there and suddenly after 1948 a near-constant state of war and bloodshed you need to ask yourself why. You also need to try to see the other side's point of view, and not rely on the propaganda that flows from both Washington and Tel Aviv.

Your remark about antisemitism was a bit ironic, given your other statements in your comment. Perhaps you are unaware that the both the Jews who are oppressing the Palestinians and the Palestinians themselves are both of the same semitic race.

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