Monday, April 1, 2013


A real endangered species

The honeybee population is dying off.  We have lost nearly 50% this past year.  Our food supply is in serious and grave danger.  (H/T to New Beginning)

Thank you, Monsanto.

Thank you, Congress and the Assassin-in-Chief, for passing the "Monsanto Protection Act" last week, making it impossible to sue these corporate pirates (who generously donate to Congress) for the ill effects caused by their life-killing products.  You are swine.

Thank you, media, for dutifully ignoring the story for so long.  As mouthpieces for Washington you do your job well.  Very well.

Thank you, farmers, who continue to use Monsanto products.  You are merrily cutting your own throats.  Thank you, BigAg farmers: you are the absolute worst of the lot.

Thank you, frivolous cell phone users, who use your cell phones to talk about such life-threatening issues as what color to dye my hair this week to how many fish I caught yesterday to the latest hip-hop news, for transmitting those waves which do, indeed, cause havoc among the bees.

Thank you all.

And when the price of, say, apples goes to $147.00/dozen do remember how you've helped.

Who said famines are not man-made?

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