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Looking at the face of this simple woman, a resident of Palestine, the land upon which walked Jesus Christ, one is struck by the expressions of simplicity and strength in the face of the animal-like savagery that uprooted and destroyed her olive grove.  She is not waving her fists, as she might very well do, nor is she donning a rifle to avenge this attack; she is merely telling us in a poignant way of the everyday life of an Arab living under the Israeli occupation of her historical homeland.  This is an occurrence that is appearing with more regularity in that sad land.  Such injustices are commonplace.  Among some of the inhabitants is a feeling of despair, of hopelessness.  Among others is a thirst for vengeance, to avenge the wrongs that have been done.  Some throw rocks at their occupiers who have treated them so cruelly.  They are replied to by rifle fire from the army of the usurpers.  If one goes to the extreme of killing one of the soldiers who do this dirty work, retaliation is swift, merciless and out of all proportion: for every Israeli soldier killed or wounded a thousand Palestinians will suffer and/or die.

But this woman's face gives this writer hope.  As leaders of the occupation encourage the "settlers" to destroy ancient olive groves, to spit upon Christian clerics as they walk the streets that Christ walked, to desecrate ancient monasteries and churches, we know that the the feigned "outrage" at these injustices expressed by the Israeli government are only words.  No corrective actions ever follow.  Never will there be justice.  Never will there be restitution.  Israelis mock their Christian betters with impunity knowing full well that their "government" will support them.  But when one sees the faces of those like this woman one knows that these horrors will not continue forever.  God will not abandon the Land where His Son walked and taught.  In her expression of an almost matter-of-fact acceptance of her lot, coupled with an inner strength that fairly glows from her, we know that the hour of night is late and that the morning is not far off.  She may not live to see the morning, for the forces that would prevent that seem triumphant just now.  But it will come.

Some details on this latest incident are here:   You will need a strong stomach if you wish to read it.

One can only marvel at the deadened consciences of our fellow Christians who refuse to acknowledge what is being done to our brothers - Christian brothers -  in the Holy Land.  Many of them not only do not speak out but actually cheer on the illegal occupation, excusing every atrocity by either ignoring it or attempting to justify it in the name of their own private interpretations of scripture.

Zionism is bad enough.  Christian Zionism, which now permeates even many Catholic sites, is not only an oxymoron but an insult to the Divine Founder of the one, true, Church.

And more:

"Then they spat in His face, and buffeted Him." 


Anonymous said...

dearest Aged Parent, It truly is virtuous to speak out about this unholy unjust atrocity. This is atrocity that has been ongoing since before the official recognition of the illegal state of Israel. Zionist terrorists killing, routing, herding, despoiling Palestinians and other Arab people to create a Jewish state of, by and for Jews and quite nearly For Jews Only. Indeed this has been a Crime and an Outrage from the get go. There are many people who speak the truths about what goes on there day in day out year after year. But there are so many who don't know the truth by the design of those who are determined to not tell the truth. And there are people who say there are no conspiracies. But when so very many people participate in deception spoken or unspoken it is indeed conspiratorial. It is nothing less than disgusting that governments participate in these criminal enterprises and associations but when individuals knowingly do so it is disheartening, and when Godly people and Catholic people do, it is sinful. Of course it is sinful of all consenters but the world wallows in sin.
The "Christian Right" is outrageous in their participation and consent. And the "Catholic" Zionists very much do insult the Lord God Christ the King. And what sin/sins in insulting Christ? This Dual Covenant Theology that is being taught in some Catholic universities and is it being studied even in some seminaries? I'll end on this for now; I happened upon an internet site, Catholics for .
Aged Parent, at the sensible bond blog there is a blogger award to be given. One question in the questionnaire is "Why should people read your blog"? sensible bond quotes "Why do people read anything"? "To know they're not alone". I'm glad I found your blog.

Aged parent said...

I am grateful for your comments, Anon. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

As another random "prodigal" Catholic who just found your blog, I just wanted to say thanks for blogging. It's difficult to find faithful Catholic blogs that post frequently updated, honest information. Blogs like yours frequently get excoriated by neocon-influenced Catholc bloggers (I won't bother naming them, I'm sure you are aware of who I'm talking about) for "anti-semitism" by doing things such as quoting St. John Chrysostom, showing any sympathy for Gaza residents or faithfully preaching traditional Church doctrine. Michael Voris routinely gets hit pieces done on him as does Dr. E. Michael Jones and sometimes even linking to them gets the neocon wrath.
Also, thanks for allowing anon comments. I hate the trend of excessive monitoring and information gathering that's going on these days so I don't use Facebook or Google.

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