Thursday, March 7, 2013


The never ending farce of DST, aka "daylight savings time", is about to descend upon us again this weekend.  It is just impossible to keep a bad idea down.

My father once explained to his children the whole idea behind this World War I relic, all the time shaking his head as to why it has continued so long.  At a young age, therefore, I began to have my doubts as to the wisdom of this yearly ritual.  The doubts continue because none of the supposed benefits of DST have yet to be noticed let alone proven.  It doesn't save energy.  It doesn't help the economy.  It doesn't make plants grow better.  It doesn't do anything other than satisfy the power lusts of the clowns and ignorami who infest Congress.

DST is just one more gift we have been given by our wise and knowing masters, along with fluoridation, genetically modified food, mandatory health insurance, napalm, abortion and sodomy.

Farmers hate it.  And small wonder.

Oh, but it gives us an extra hour of light after work.  I am at a loss to know why this should be considered important to people.

For years I sat depressed thinking I was one of the only few who failed to see why we continue this yearly folly.  But in recent years others have begun, at last, to speak up, trying to bring this to the end it so richly deserves.  Russia (God bless 'em) has eliminated it due to very good reasons.  A number of US states have called it quits.  There is even an online petition to cease this idiocy once and for all.  Are people actually waking up (pun intended) to the detrimental effects of this?  I believe that they are.

Now even the irrepressible Dr Mercola has chimed in on DST, and in a way that should send shivers up and down your spine:  he has some pretty interesting evidence that on top of everything else wrong with this nonsense there are even health risks involved.  After years of wondering why I felt so drained and "off" after this Spring time change Dr Mercola provides some fascinating answers, and those answers should be seriously studied.  I am not one who looks at Mercola as a sort of medical messiah.  But he cannot be dismissed.  Read what he says and compare the risks with that extra hour of daylight after work.

The Benighted States of America stumbles on its merry and self-destructive ways in so many areas that it is getting harder and harder to keep track of it all.  I am not convinced that the USA is not a lost cause.  It very well could be.  But sometimes doctors can take a man with one foot in the grave and make him well again, so there is always hope for this Land of the Misguided.

That hope is based on the fact that the only Thing which can heal such decay is religion.   It is that same religious Thing that gave life to Europe and to all civilization.

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