Thursday, March 7, 2013


The Eye Witness offers this as an antidote to the deluge of propaganda emanating from the United States and Israel.  From the Maronite Patriarch of Antioch, Cardinal Bechara Rai:

"Both Christians and Muslims in the Middle East venerate the figure of the Pope, no matter who he is. Criticisms against him simply do not exist. The Pope is the Pope and it makes no difference to them whether he is American, Spanish, Italian or other."

Words to ponder.

I wish the Conclave would look to the East this time around (and I don't mean New York).   Mary, Help of Christians, ora pro nobis.

Here's the whole interview, from the Vatican Insider.

(Please don't show the Patriarch's words to Jihad hunters Robert Spencer, Pamela Geller and David Horowitz.  The poor dears might have collective heart failure.)


Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, Thanks for this.This is a bit of an antidote. You don't know how this lifted my heart, for one. This problem,the Perpetual Jihad Hunters is a problem that perpetually plagues my heart because this problem perpetually plagues the world. I don't believe this present Crusade would have come about if not for the U.S. and Israel, and both fan the flames every day without ceasing creating ever more jihadists.To put it plainly it is the fault of these two super powers ever threatening the enemies that they created.And in the U.S. and in Israel the citizens are fed a strict diet of propaganda/lies,censorship and this incredible self-censorship.I could go on but you know. I know I am extremely frustrated because of this cernsorship.Criticism is near absolutely forbidden.And the spoke of leave me mind boggled,dumbfounded.So thank you for this post.I'm only me,but it made this person very happy.The picture at Vatican Insider is wonderful.There is beauty there.So now I am reminded to pray and pray for Cardinal Rai,his flock and all those people of good will in places in so much need of relief from their burden. May God deliver them + .

Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, I have passed on the Vatican Insider Cardinal Rai interview to a number of Catholic bloggers and readers. I hope it will stir some thought.I especially hope it adds credibility to my seeming vain attempts to make a breakthrough with some of the oxymoronic Catholic Jihad Hunters who seem to be worshipping at the wrong altar.

Anonymous said...

sick traddie catholics all belong to the devil, Pope Francis will rid this church of the tradds and cleans us of the TLM! Your friend Richard Collins is a bigott and a sick freak.

aly said...

John Paul II's canonization is on Yom HaShoah. Oh yes, a very minor technical difference; who would notice? Francis sadly is jeopardizing a Pope's standing in the Muslim world even more than his predecessors. The Catholic Church is in danger of being distrusted and despised in the ME as much as is the US who allows and in every way aids Israel to mete out and increase without ceasing, injustices, existential threat and murder throughout the ME.
Who high-profile will represent Israel and the WJC at this canonization?
Anti-Tradition Anon, Do you also approve of the Jewish thing?
Aged parent, Best always.

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