Saturday, April 20, 2013


The miraculous icon of Kazan
When Pope Benedict was on the throne of Peter, there did at one time seem to be some hope that one day soon Moscow and Rome might, at least in this instance, form a Holy Alliance.  The instance in question is the re-evangelisation of once Christian countries, suffering under a vicious secular onslaught.

In May of 2010 Sandro Magister wrote an article in which he was convinced that a much hoped for meeting was to become a reality, a meeting between Pope Benedict and Patriarch Kirill.  That article, which is an important read, can be found here

But that was three years ago, and now Benedict has abdicated.

I know nothing of our present Pontiff's views of such an Alliance.  There are a few encouraging indications here and there but we simply don't know yet how he will confront the need of ending, even with baby steps, a schism that has gone on too long. 

But I can write neither profoundly nor knowledgeably about the delicate matter here.  It is my hope to invite an author who does have knowledge of these matters to contribute a piece to The Eye Witness, and with any luck such a piece may appear here soon.

Nevertheless Magister's article linked above is most encouraging.  And the more the forces of evil - let us use the word - have their way with the world the more it will necessary to hope and pray for such a Holy Alliance.

We need them and they need us.


Anonymous said...

We do not need them as they more ETERNALLY need "us" ie communion with The Church.

To the GREAT CREDIT of the Orthodox they stand fast with Catholic Tradition which is also what they have kept for themselves.

They are closer to being Catholic than the vast majority of those who carry a card in their wallets, purses and cassocks that read "I am a Catholic".

Anonymous said...

I do hope positive things can happen. As you say we need each other. As someone in my house has said since the fall of the USSR thus the re-emergence of Russia, We should be natural allies.

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