Tuesday, April 16, 2013


I thank The Big Pulpit- Byzantine Edition for linking to this plea, tragic in its desperation, and pitiful in its expectation that some world leaders might listen.  They wont.


They wont because most of them, particularly America and Israel, want to see Syria crushed, its Christian population murdered or decimated, its Muslim population enraged with more justifiable hatred, a country in collapse.  The arrogant pipsqueak Michael Ledeen once famously called this evil "creative destruction", the annihilation of ancient civilizations to make way for those more to the liking of the Usual Suspects.

I am glad Pope Francis finally said something about this.  Would to God that he would go to Syria himself; it would be one papal journey that this writer could actually applaud.   Another vital part of the cradle of civilization is being decimated, much of it financed by US dollars.  We Americans sit here and pay our taxes, knowing that some of that money (indeed the majority of it) goes to bomb innocent people and destroy civilizations, either directly by drone or our own bombers, or by the proxies we train, coordinate and finance.  It is sickening.  Many more of those dollars go to murder our own children in the womb, and fuel a juggernaut of unnatural vice.

Yesterday the Hypocrite-in-Chief condemned the Boston bombing.  I wouldn't even listen to that monster.  I could not care in the slightest what he said, nor will I be panicked by a news media happy with this incident for a million reasons (one of them being to keep the ghoulish Gosnell case out of the papers), nor will I accept at face value anything Washington says about the Boston incident.  It was horrible and one can only weep at the evils it has wrought.  It could have hit this writer much closer to home than it has; I have a son attending school not far from there.  These poor, innocent people, bombed for God knows what reason.

But a bomb is a bomb, whether it explodes in Boston or Damascus.  The perpetrators in both cases should be brought to justice.  Whoever caused the carnage in Boston will no doubt be caught and punished.  But those who are causing carnage in Syria, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc. will probably not be punished.  They will be re-elected to office, perhaps with the help of Cardinals Dolan and Wuerl.

A grabbing of our rosaries for the killed and injured in Boston would be well in order, as would some rosaries for the innocents being murdered by our drones, our bombs and our money, in Syria and elsewhere. 

Patriarch Gregorios has set a good example, pleading for sanity in a world that has taken leave of its senses.  May Our Lady, Help of Christians, preserve and protect these people.  And us.


Anonymous said...

"Tragic, Desperate, Pitiful". It is heart breaking. I will pray that Pope Francis will go there. I will pray that today he will begin to speak of it to the world and world leaders everyday. During WWII Pope Pius XII and many Catholics helped so many people. Will Pope Francis and Catholics and other Christians and Rabbis and Jews and Muslims help these people? Lord hear our prayer.
Thank you for this post. I'm not in a social network cyber or other. I do as much as I am able to spread the message.

Anonymous said...

Aged Parent, I with you are so thankful that your son is well.
Also I with you don't care a twit what (Mr.) Obama says about anything. Who can believe nearly anyone in D.C.? It is very sad of the news media sensationalism. I don't see much of it. I choose to not. But we know what they do. But they say next to nothing about Syria. It's all so disgraceful. And people like the war-mongering neoCon S. Hannity are absurd and to me, loathesome.

Anonymous said...

I was happy to read your comments 4/16 I think it was, at The Tenth Crusade. Posts and Comments really do make a difference. Food for thought they are. They really do prompt some people to take a look further into some 'thing' that previously they thought was the whole truth and nothing but. Person by person can change some things in this world.

Aged parent said...

Thanks very much to you all for those comments.

What is going on in Syria fills me with revulsion, especially as an American who knows how that tragedy is being aided and abetted by my own country and my own tax money. Neither the Evil Party (the Democrats) nor the Stupid Party (the Republicans) could care a fig for all that suffering they are helping to cause.

And Anon at 3:04: that is the perfect word to describe Hannity, et al: loathsome.

Anon at 4:06: Well, I do comment a bit, always hoping to perhaps contribute to someone's change of heart or mind. Of course I learn much from other blogs, too.

Anonymous said...

Thank you always Aged-Parent.

Anonymous said...

The U.S. and Israel and Nato nations which of course the U.S. dictates to prefer chaos and terrorists rather than stable governments with significant military capabilities. Because U.S./Israel want to maintain Israeli Supremacy/imbalance of power in the region. The U.S. thus secondarily Israel, "ally" with Middle- East countries that accept U.S. Military bases and Naval operations on their land and off their shores. And it is all about Oil and Israel.

Anonymous said...

The aftermath of the invasion of Iraq is truly bleak. One source that describes the state of the country: RT.TV. Documentary-Iraq-Taxi Driver. Just one of the realities is the presence of Exxon-Mobil, Dutch Shell, (Sino) Oil and others. What is the arrangement between the Oil Corporations and the Iraq "Government" and the American 'Government' ?

Aged parent said...
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Aged parent said...

Anon @1:50 pm:

That's a very good question. I'm hardly a military strategist but it is generally the case that when a country decides on an aggressive war there is almost always more than one reason for doing so. In the case of Iraq, the predominant motive was surely Israel, as those two excellent books, Neo-Conned and Neo-Conned Again, amply testify.

The oil issue stymies me a little. On the one hand oil companies do prefer stable governments to deal with but on the other hand will - with the help of Uncle Sam - play some pretty vicious hardball if they see huge profits ahead.

But I'm no expert on oil executive mentalities, either.

Anonymous said...

type: Petrodollar Wars/FTM .ftm.daily.com/Iraq-the-Petrodollars-Connection will come up. Numerous others also will.
And the Israel connection. We can refer to U.S. and Britain Ten Years after Second Iraq War commission reports. The British report among a ton of information says that the CIA and MI-6 had intelligence that Iraq had no WMD, nuclear or biological.
So the first question is from whom came intelligence saying the opposite ? That is a Very important question. What source(s)?
It's not difficult to name them.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for mentioning Neo-Conned and Neo-Conned Again. I've meant to read them but then forgot. I will now.

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