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For those who have forgotten and those who've never heard about it, The Eye Witness recommends this article by historian Ramzy Baroud:

We call our readers attention to these things because recent decades have shown that even Catholics, even those in the hierarchy, who once had a healthy skepticism about world events, have begun to follow only a single party line.  There are Catholic news outlets, websites and blogs who don't wish to know about these things either from a contempt for the facts of history or as a reaction to a well-known and ancient fear.  When this subject is brought up on some Catholic blogs, for example, the commenter is either censored, blacklisted or libelled by the blog administrators.  Another example of the disarray that a once united Faith finds itself in in 2013.

Some Catholics that I know have told me about this massacre, "So what?"  There in two words you see the triumph of propaganda over the Catholic Faith.  There are those Christians out there who could care less about the death of innocent Muslims.  To them I would point out the fact that in the photo shown above there are Christian corpses, Catholic and Orthodox, in that pile of death.

We therefore encourage our fellow Catholics, who once all held the same unshakable Faith, to ponder these words in the article linked above.

Sixty five years ago this atrocity was carried out.  In a somewhat "modified" way, it is still going on as we write. 

Would that some bloggers would try to understand that there are always two sides to every story.

Would that Cardinals Kasper and Koch remember Dier Yassin, too.


Anonymous said...

It is all an Immoral Outrage! Can we begin to know what these people feel? Those of us who know the history of this land feel outrage, disgust, frustration in extreme. I admit I have to pray and pray to keep me from hatred. But surely God wants people to be outraged and allows even more in such injustices, brutality, lies, evil. Israel is Guilty! Guilty as Sin. As are All who aid and abet this Sin.
Persons who dare to speak up , and God in his time is the hope of these people. Jews create anti-Semitism. The American government creates anti-Americanism.
Thanks so much for speaking out. I am trying and trying but as you said one will incredibly be responded to with "So What" even by some Catholics. One has to pray and pray to not sinfully despair.

Anonymous said...

It is surreal that criticism of Israel/Jews is the One and Only thing that is forbidden. Some people might say that this is an exaggeration. But here you have described the attitudes that in reality deem it forbidden. Many people describe it. But it is in a very real sense in the underground. It simply will not be tolerated in a sort of "polite society" way. Saying this is surreal is no exaggeration either.
This in itself creates tremendous resentments. I wish the Pope would go to Palestine. The Palestinians need him much more than Jewish Leaders do. And I wish Catholics would be Catholics First. We could
put the . after Catholics and end it there. Thank you Aged parent for reminding. Maybe more Catholics will hear and even listen.

Anonymous said...

If I wasn't clear, I meant surreal is no exaggeration nor is forbidden. There are videos, Remembering Deir Yassin, at

Anonymous said...

I was not aware of this particular horrific incident until I read this, thank you.

The media in the US seems to be working hard to portray Palestinians, Arabs and Mulslims as "untermenchen" similar to how the nazis portrayed Jews pre-WWII, which I partially blame for the "who cares" attitudes expressed by so many these days. I'm not saying there's not a potential threat from Wahabi Islamists but some would like us to believe all adherents of Islam are sub-human sleeper terrorists waiting to strike.

For anyone who laments the fact that "polite society" frowns on talking about the tragedy of this story, I recommend The Jewish Revolutionary Spirit by E. Michael Jones sold at which (in its later chapters) details the deliberate effort to control to limit public discourse about anything regarding modern Israel or Jews. As a result of him publishing this book, the SPLC, ADL and other organizations have done several hit pieces on Dr. Jones and his website in the past few years accusing him of "anti-semitism". His site also has many interesting podacsts and videos available for free.

He's the only person who I've found to provide a comprehensive history of the Protestant-Catholic-Jewish culture conflict in the US over the past ~100 years from a Catholic perspective without any neocon propaganda or racist garbage (i.e. He doesn't conflate Old Testament Israel and the modern state of Israel as many dispensationalist Protestants do, and he doesn't talk about Jews as "Da' Jooooz" nor does he yearn for the neo-pagan horror that was Hitlers' Germany or promote white-separatism/racism).

Also Masters of Discourse by Israel Shamir is a quite interesting book on how some people try to control what is considered acceptable discourse.

Aged parent said...

All of the above comments give me some hope, and please know they are appreciated.

Anon @ 10:52 am: I am familiar with the work of Dr Jones, but have not read his book as yet. Thank you for reminding me of it.

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