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Rod Pead Takes a Look at the New Delusions

From the Christian Order website:

There was a fleeting moment, not so very long ago, when we thought feminist agitation for women priests was about as crazy as it got — and would ever get. Christ the Transgendered Priest seemed to be the final word in absurdity. Indeed, in 1985, when he published his classic Women Priests and Other Fantasies, perhaps Father Vincent Miceli himself was beginning to wonder if we had reached the outer edge of the lunatic liberal spectrum.

Wrapped in a fabulous dust cover of an apple-brandishing Satan enticing a 20th-century daughter of Eve, his collection of essays on the state of the Church and the world was comprehensive, powerful, and prophetic. Not least apropos the violent societal ramifications of atheism and sodomy, about which he had long forewarned in graphic terms. A scholar for whom the signs of the times ticked all the scriptural boxes on the rise of Antichrist, nothing the Western bacchanal has vomited up since his death in 1991 would have wholly surprised him.

After all, sodomitic 'marriage,' designer-babies for sodomites and lesbians, the transformation of kindergartens into homo recruitment hubs, encouraging children to surgically swap their gender (if so inclined, without parental consent, at government expense, as in Oregon), forcing infants and teens to share toilets and change-rooms with 'transgender' classmates (as in California).... all these hellish developments are mere symptoms of the deep sickness in the soul of post-modern man. Fr Miceli described it as "a demonic reality similar to a hydra-headed serpent... a persistent, ever-increasing plague with many sources and causes: [above all] hatred of God's created order, and a refusal to serve Him."

The only constant in this rapid regression from bad to infinitely worse in the sociological blink of an eye, is the Luciferian bottom line he identified. In other words, the "demonic realities" we face today are simply deeper and darker symptoms of"Non serviam!"

Fomented since Adam by the whispering serpents of every age (the pagans, the heretics, the Lodge, the State, the media...), the reverberating echoes of this primal revolt trigger, always and everywhere: theological novelties, philosophical delusions, and, in consequence, the doctrinal and moral corruption that ushers in socio-political depravity.

During Fr Miceli's final years, the ontological inversion of the priesthood, by the witchy priestess crew and their ecclesiastical backers, was the pagan nadir du jour. Yet just as it momentarily stole the Pill's thunder against nature, the fantasy of double X-chromosome clerics gave way, in turn, to the present devilish constructs; the iron logic of atheism leading us to ever lower circles of Hell.
The War Against Being

For all his insight and foresight, however, even the great American Jesuit might have raised an eyebrow or two at our present pass. Not over the depths we have plumbed since the priestess push (for he knew we were, and remain, far from rock-bottom). Rather, over the lightning speed of the descent. The 'transgender'/'sex reassignment' blitzkrieg, for instance — a sudden vertiginous drop to unspeakable of levels of mass delusion.

On cue, The Danish Girl, Hollywood's latest "extraordinary true story" pushing vice as virtue, is about one of the first 'transgender surgeries' (in 1930). "This is not my body. I have to let it go," says the husband. "Fact is, I believe that I'm a woman." "So do I," replies the wife, elevating mental illness to an epiphany.

How quickly such risible exchanges have moved from Monty Python TV sketches where they belong, to big screen offerings that require patrons to check their funny bones in the PC cloak room — for fear of puncturing the solemn nonsense with peals of laughter, and sporting forever thereafter the white hot brands of 'bigotry' and 'intolerance.'

Yet social exclusion for puncturing PC balloons is the very least we must suffer to protect the innocent, who, as ever, are the primary targets of this unhinged social engineering. Already far advanced, its impact is paraded at every turn.

"Even mainstream entertainment channels such as TLC, widely watched by teenagers, have jumped on the transgender bandwagon," notes Daily Mail columnist Sarah Vine [19/12/15]. Her 12-year-old daughter assures her: "'Transgender' is really trending right now, Mummy. You should watch I Am Jazz on TLC - everyone's really into it'." It turns out, says Vine, that "I Am Jazz is a transgender reality TV show about a 15-year-old American boy growing up as girl. ... Under close medical supervision, Jazz is undergoing therapy to block her male hormones.... At the same time, she takes oestrogen to help her body look more feminine." Worst of all, yet per usual, "Her parents, who seem like nice, ordinary middle-class people, are fully behind her." 

This is the pattern established ever since the corporate-likes of Planned Parenthood, seeking to create a market for contraception and back-up abortion-on-demand, successfully lobbied the educational establishment for explicit classroom sex-ed. Authority figures at every level of society continue to lead this corruption of children.

The Sun recently featured a front page photo of two six-year old cousinsone of whom, we are told, has morphed from "Max" to "Mia." Doubtless the little mite will soon be shot full of hormones to 'turn him into' something he is not. Like "Jazz," betrayed in the first instance by his sadly misled and complicit parents, Max doesn't stand a chance of a normal life in a country whose public authorities, under a supposed conservative government, push a 'diversity' agenda that includes asking children to define their own gender. Damian Thompson has reported on this official lunacy:

Try to imagine a world populated by teenagers who are neither boys nor girls but have three genders at once: they are male, female and androgynous, making them 'tri-gender'.

Other young people are known as ‘demi-boys’ and 'demi-girls'. Some drift between genders in a variety of ways. Some are 'bi-gender'; still more are 'trans-girls' and 'trans-boys', while yet another tribe identify themselves as 'gender fluid'.

This sounds like the stuff of science fiction. In fact, every term I’ve just used comes from a questionnaire that the British Government planned to submit to children aged 13 to 18 as part of a research project sponsored by the Department of Education via the £2.9 million-a-year office of the Children’s Commissioner for England. [Daily Telegraph, 29/1/16]

The questionnaire also asks children whether they feel safe using single-sex toilets, or would prefer unisex ones.

In our wildest imagination we'd be hard-pressed to make up any of this. But we don't need to. It's all unfolding before our very eyes. Thompson continued: 

A spokesman said it [the questionnaire] was a draft, that the Commissioner had not cleared it and that a new version will be prepared with some of the questions withdrawn.

Too late. Some schools have already received the questionnaire, and details of the planned research project have been published by the feminist academics from Brighton, Lancaster and Cardiff universities who have been working on it with University College London’s Institute of Education since May last year.

Nearly every sentence of the documents in which those academics stress the importance of this research is clogged with the jargon of hardline feminists and their allies in the 'trans' lobby.

Ah yes, the ubiquitous sisterhood and its manic war against being. Like the poor, the feminists are always with us: forever pushing gender as a social construct. Although they failed to bully the Church into presenting Christ the High Priest as a woman, their persistent hectoring paved the way for a feminist pontiff who undermines the male priesthood by washing female feet on Holy Thursday. Buoyed by such incremental rewards, they pursue their Daliesque mission to reinvent reality with Marxist fervour.

Read the whole article here.

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