Sunday, June 19, 2016

Rome's Doctrinal Midgets are about to "Correct" the Council of Trent

The doctrinal second-raters and nincompoops who now comprise far too many high positions in the Church, combined with a Pope, whose grasp of the history, tradition and doctrinal clarity of 2,000 years of Catholicism is rather scant to say the least, are busy laying the groundwork for the next bout of scandalizing Christ's little ones which will culminate in Pope Francis' October jamboree in Lund, Sweden.  It is there that we will learn that Lutheranism and Catholicism are basically the same and that quaint notions about conversion will be studiously ignored by solemn-faced Catholic Bishops, the new Divine Oracles who will finally put to rest such troublesome events as Trent.

Only a Catholic Church completely in the throes of insanity (or diabolic disorientation, to coin a phrase) would come up with an idea that will find expression in Sweden this Autumn.  Only a Pope of the Catholic Church who thinks nothing of castigating Catholics for "breeding like rabbits" would be willing to march into Lund to celebrate the destruction of Christendom, the unleashing of untold misery upon men and nations and the loss of millions of souls.

The small minds who think, speak and act in our troubled Church today have the effrontery, the sheer gall, to try to correct the Greatest Council of the past five hundred years.  If ever there was a definition of supreme arrogance that would be it.

What is coming in October is going to be terrible; its consequences could be with us for decades, perhaps a century or more.  Many writrers and clergy are holding their fire, waiting to see what the Pope will say to the Lutherans before commenting.  I believe we have enough of an idea now how the mind of Francis works to have a firm idea of what will be crashing down upon us.  That being said I believe Catholics of all kinds - religious or lay - should be proactive and indeed preemptive in denouncing clearly what, based on Francis' past performance, will surely be a debacle of unimaginable severity.

With that in mind we at The Eye-Witness will be alerting our readers to a new article examining the October Horror, well on its way.  The article will look more closely into the ramifications of the Pope's Lund visit and how the Council of Trent is to be undermined in order to pave the way for a public acceptance of it.  It will appear in these pages within the next few days.


CJ said...

Isn't this what Vat II was all about anyway? Heretics who lack the humility which merits the grace of conversion wishing to whittle down the Catholic Church to so low a point that they need only to walk through the door without changing one speck of their heretical ways? I have always thought it so and Francis confirms my suspicions.

It won't work, you know. Oh, they will do it alright but instead of being "in" the Church on a free pass they will find themselves in an even worse state than what they had before. This is not the same as getting a degree you did not deserve because you cheated on the exams, though God will catch up with you for even that. This is more like Jews who think themselves "clean" even though they use the hands of others to commit their murders. You cannot cheat or otherwise deceive God.

Francis is walking a frayed tightrope over the abyss. How many will jump on after him?

"It is a fearful thing to fall into the hands of the living God." Hebrews 10:31

Aged parent said...

You are right, CJ.

Catholic Mission said...

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