Saturday, June 11, 2016

Cardinal Canizares Promptly Shoots Himself in the Foot

His Eminence Antonion Canizares of Seville, Spain is under fire for making some common sense statements about the sexual insanity that is engulfing the world like a backed-up toilet.  For making these sensible remarks he is, of course, being denounced and may possibly face one of the myriad "hate crime" laws pushed through legislatures by the historic enemies of Catholicism.

Thus far the Cardinal has not backed down but he is asking legal scholars to review his words to see if his enemies have any grounds to bring suit.

But after this brave, indeed wonderful stand taken by Canizares he proceeds to undo all the good he has done by comparing his government persecutors to...General Franco.

Here is where the rubber meets the road.  Here is a classic example of what happens when a Churchman is either very badly educated or, worse, is simply the usual Modernist who now finds himself in hot water because even he has had enough of the orchestrated lunacy.  He falls back on the myth of the "repressive" Franco, a real hero of Spain who, yes, was authoritarian but never despotic.  Yet His Eminence plays to the rabble by dredging up the dishonest cliches about this good man... for what?  To appease his critics? (They will never be appeased.)  To sound like a reasonable moderate?  (So-called moderates are rarely reasonable.) To call off the rabid attack dogs?  (It won't work.)  To stop the media lynching in the Judeo-Masonic Press? (It is to laugh.) Why then?

Is this old man of Spain so forgetful of the past of his great nation that he would stoop to a tired calumny against Francisco Franco?  Has he forgotten the Spanish Civil War?  Is he unaware of the Forces who have been trying to destroy Spain since Isabella was Queen?  With all the terrible, merciless villains out there who have brought misery and death to Catholics and persecutions against the Church the Cardinal  pours out his venom on Franco? The Cardinal has made an error here which not only undermines his own position but the position of the Catholic Church in Spain. Here was a moment when he could have educated his people, taught them anew what was at stake in those terrible earlier years.  But he failed to do this either through ignorance of history or his commitment to terrible Vatican II documents like Gaudiam et Spes and Dignitatis Humanae, the documents that all but destroyed the Church's moral authority over men and nations.

If Catholics and Spaniards had reflected more on what Franco bequeathed to them and made sure that, after his death, an equally dedicated man became their leader, it would be the Church's and Spain's enemies that would be facing criminal charges now instead of the other way around.  The prissy, nice little Catholics who joined the anti-Franco circus are now facing the revenge of the very men Franco tried to stop from destroying his country.  One wonders if they still don't see the clear picture.

This is what happens when Churchmen cling to their bad ideas.  And the worse it gets in the world the more they cling to the sinking ships of Vatican II.  If His Eminence would look to the pre-1962 Church he will find the answers not only to his own predicament but the predicament that faces Holy Church and the world.

But he probably wont.  Men like him will never let go of their fantasies.

Until they are rotting in prison cells.


Anonymous said...

Excellent commentary!!

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Anon.

fr anthony Brankin said...

who does Cardinal Canizares think is responsible for the 6000 priests and Bishops murdered in the Spanish Civil War? My goodness! these are the very ones who have him in court. Can he not put things together?

Aged parent said...

Apparently not, Mr Brankin. These liberals are all basically cowards when it comes to upholding the honor of the Church, and speaking the truths of history. That cowardice has for decades allowed the Church's enemies to grow powerful and now they will start coming after these Churchmen.

Canizares has made his bed. Now he will have to sleep in it, unless he wakes up before it is too late.

Anonymous said...

History repeats itself.
A great book about Spain:

and the short version (very much of actuality):

Aged parent said...

Walsh's historical works like "Isabella of Spain" and its equally brilliant sequel, "Philip II", are great books. They have been on my bookshelf for forty years.

Funnily enough I am re-reading Walsh's "Saint Peter the Apostle" right now.

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