Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Your Next President?

I'm afraid it is a definite possibility.

Says Patrick Buchanan:

".Either Trump or Clinton is going to be the next president. To the degree they succeed in wounding or killing Trump’s candidacy, they advance Clinton’s chances of succeeding Obama.   "

Look at the bright side.  Maybe the government will finally implode after her election.


Anonymous said...

Mr. Buchanan should be very familiar with this type of situation. In 1996 the GOP ran Bob "Born To Loose" Dole as a weak horse against globalist Clinton while simultaneously purging people like Buchanan. William Buckley denounced Buchanan and Joe Sobran as anti-Semites, effectively putting them in the back of the bus in Paleoconservatism. Ever since that anyone mentioning Pat Buchanan in a positive light is denounced as the next Hitler or some such pejorative to prevent anyone from committing the thoughtcrime of straying away from the Neocon playbook.

I'm not sure I agree with his assessment the GOP has a 5th column within it. I think we may have an oligarchy with a veneer of representative democracy in both political parties.

Anonymous said...

Essentially, we've had it, either way.

The sad thing is that we deserve this, and much worse.

Chastisements come in many flavors.

Aged parent said...

Great points, Anon and Anon

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