Friday, May 6, 2016

Hungary faces reality

Laszlo Kover

As a member of the European People’s Party, Hungary’s ruling centre-right Fidesz party is committed to preserving the “civilisational rules of Christianity” and stands for a society based on the family because “this is the only form of society that guarantees human dignity”, Speaker of the National Assembly László Kövér had told a Polish Catholic weekly.
The interview, published by Gość Niedzielny, Poland’s largest-circulation public affairs weekly this Thursday, was given by Mr. Kövér in mid-April after a joint meeting of the lower and upper houses of the Polish Parliament to mark the 1050th anniversary of embracing Christianity, held in the city of Poznań, Poland.
Citing József Antall, Hungary’s first Prime Minister following the transition to democracy in 1990, Mr. Kövér said that due to Europe’s Christian cultural heritage, on the continent even atheists are in fact Christians because Western civilisation’s values impact the thinking, language and behaviour of all of us.

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