Thursday, May 26, 2016

Employment Opportunity: George Soros will hire you to throw rocks at Donald Trump

George Soros the multibillionaire monster, destroyer of Europe, a man whose total corruption is mirrored in his very face, is determined to stop Trump come what may.

After financing coups in Ukraine and elsewhere, after paying thugs to destroy Ferguson and after arranging for the invasion of millions of refugees to invade what little is left of Christendom (due to wars in the Middle East that he and his Tribe have fomented) he has set his sights on keeping the American status quo of more wars, more moral subversion, more social engineering, more filth sticking to everyone and every place.  That means stopping Trump.

And all that simply because Trump is unpredictable.  They are not yet sure he can be controlled by them.  All that merely because they are uncertain about him. Could he be a good president, for them? Possibly. So why all the turmoil in the streets, paid for by Mr Soros and others?

My view is that the Usual Suspects are sending him a message.  To wit: get on board with the program or things will get seriously ugly.  Will Trump be cowed this way?  Honestly, I don't know.  I have no high hopes for him or the country anyway.  Yes, it's fun to watch him enrage the creeps and psychopaths in Washington, Hollywood and New York, but if he is elected, and push comes to shove, I have my doubts that anything substantial will change under a Trump presidency. I hope I'm wrong.

The war mongers and corrupters seem to be using a two-pronged attack on him: the vicious street riots, a la Soros and Co., and the serpent-like making "nice" with him, a la Sheldon Adelson.  Both Soros and Adelson want the same things, which should be obvious to everyone (but, alas, isn't);  they are just going about it in two different ways.  These two execrable people want to see Christendom (what's left of it) smashed to pieces.  They want to to push moral corruption as a control mechanism, a method to keep their conquered people quiet and subservient.  They want to keep America as Israel's attack dog.  They want to keep making billions if not trillions through their usurious financial systems.  They want to, in a word, keep humanity in perpetual slavery to them.  The glue that binds these evil men together is cruelty.  Does anyone doubt that?  Look at how they are imposing their insane sex perversion on the world.  They relish in the cruelty they use to impose these horrors.  You still doubt?  Listen to the words of the heads of Planned Parenthood, an organization quite well known for cruelty.

In his book The Great Heresies Hilaire Belloc says thus about the Modern Attack that we all face:

"The two forms of slavery which are gradually appearing and will as time goes on be more and more matured under the effect of the modern attack upon the Faith, are slavery to the State and slavery to private corporations and individuals."

If that does not describe the current situation in plutocratic America and elsewhere I don't know what does.  The private corporations, exemplified by swine like Soros and Adelson, are indeed our slave masters and they use the government that is in thrall to them to carry out their wishes.  That is the main reason one supposes that they fear Trump: they don't know how he will act. Ergo, he will be threatened by the Soros minions in the streets and sweet-talked by the Adelsons, the two prongs which between them are squeezing Trump.

I apologize to my readers for having such a dim view of the future.  I don't see any man, however "alpha male", successfully standing up to such a long-entrenched corruption of justice.  Desperate men, especially desperate rich men, will not easily let go of their gains.  They have been at the rudder of the USA almost from its inception (some would say since its inception) and will not go easily into the night.

Sheldon Adelson is dangling his millions of carrots before Trump's eyes and Soros is sending out his thugs to scare the hell out of him.  Their media demonizes him at every opportunity.  The good, ole boy political apparatus of his own Party despises him.

This could all change overnight.  How?

I strongly suspect that if Trump accepts the millions of dollars offered him for his campaign by the loathsome Sheldon Adelson, the protests will suddenly stop.  A cynical opinion?

8 comments: said...

Very well said, Aged Parent, whose zeal and vigor for the truth belie your alias. Let's look at what can be known about this Trump.

1. Homage to AIPAC (check!)
2. Goldman Sachs personage put in charge of financing campaign (check!)
3. Money-printing as go-to fiscal strategy (check! - did wonders for Venezuela!)
4. Promises for more domestic surveillance (checkity-check!)

What if all this kerfuffle were about Trump pulling a Michael Corleone, and muscling into the role of crime-boss at the expense of the usual, flaccid sock puppets?

Yes, he is amusing. No, I don't vote, so I can't be accused of supporting his opponents, all of whom are more detestable. - Participating in the sham elections of regicidal republics is not productive.

One point of disagreement does arise, but on a larger topic. This God-forsaking masonic republic is in its perfecting stages. America is fulfilling exceedingly well the plan set out by the Luciferian sects dating back even centuries previous to the English Civil War. It's operation encompasses a cadre of elites who agree in secret on a revolutionary agenda, and peddle their iniquity to the masses under the guise of fraudulent democratic governance. Traditionalist Catholic history professor John Rao propounds this and other trenchant observations.

Suffrage is useless; suffering is what is needed. I elect to perform penance and pious works for the sake of the social reign of Christ the King, the imminent visible Queenship of His Immaculata, and both assisted by a Restored Catholic Monarch, who will also assist (again and at last) a Catholic pope.

One last note of caution for Catholics: beware the liberty worshipers, the ones who venerate the image of the serpent on that woebegotten historical banner. Catholics need to snap out of it. These people are materialist ideologues with very low-regard for religion. They simply mask their disgust to fool Catholics and keep them on the plantation of religious liberty. Prof. John Rao refers to the masonic principle of religious liberty as "suicide with a smile."

God by you.

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your trenchant observations, which are greatly appreciated here. Like you I am an admirer of Prof Rao and his always interesting writings and for his frank assessment of what America, as a nation, actually is (and isn't).

Thank you again.

Anonymous said...

Jesus is not on the ballot. Neither is an Apostle, pope or saint. I would run myself but even Francis wouldn't vote for a stiff, judgmental Old Skool Catholic like me so why bother? And so who will the two of you be voting for or would vote for if you did vote?

Aged parent said...

Thanks, Anon, for your comment.

I know where you're coming from and please know that I sympathize with the sentiments expressed in your comment. The history of modern politics shows fairly clearly I think that voting is becoming more and more of a charade, since nothing really ever changes no matter which of the two liberal parties is in power. Belloc saw over eighty years ago that America was a plutocracy, a sort of "monarchy" directed behind-the-scenes by oligarchs and the super rich. And that plutocracy is so deeply entrenched that it would take a miracle to overcome it.

Having said all that, what about Trump?

Many are voting for him as a sort of roll of the dice. They are chancing it, hoping he will do at least some of the things he says he will. And as I have written, numerous neocons and super rich are terrified by him. On the other hand some extremely sinister personages are starting to get behind him and that troubles me very much. These are the same types that have directed all Administrations from at least the time of Woodrow Wilson, the types which have destroyed this country almost totally. That does not bode well. Will Mr Trump ignore these "experts" and go his own way? I don't know, and I doubt anyone else does. I do believe he has basic good sense, and is not likely to keep antagonizing Russia like all the other idiots. So I do see some definite pluses.

Of course I would have to be insane to vote for Hitlery. That is not an option for anyone (but the Republican bigwigs who proclaim they would rather have her in office than Trump). Yes, I will vote for Trump even knowing that the likelihood of any real healing of this country is remote. I am not against The Donald"; I'm just not optimistic. I need hardly add that I will be pleasantly surprised if he actually turns into a fine president.

I am not inclined to berate anyone who feels voting is ridiculous and gives up on it. I understand that position also and sympathize with it. I will say this, though: if Jeb! or Rubio of McCain or Graham or Romney or any of those morons were the Republican nominee now I too would abstain from voting. They are liberals in conservative clothing and are enemies of the Church. said...

Hello Anon:

In brief: I would not vote. I will not vote.

Here's why:
Regarding who will, or would, receive a vote; the question is predicated on one's (tacit or overt) acceptance of the modern republic. I reject republican polity in its entirety. When the criminals perpetuate their murder, perversion and theft regime, they point the citizenry to the ballot box. Meanwhile, any threat to the crime syndicate (meaning an actual leader) is either co-opted or clubbed into submission. The modern republic is designed to operate in this way: sham representation on the outside, and bribery and barbarism behind the curtain. Simply put, voting is a meaningless act to keep the proles on the plantation of meaningless entertainment and debt serfdom. I ain't playin' no more. I want Christ the King. I want my Queen, Virgin and Mother. While the Eternal Monarch has no need of my vote, He will accept my penances and pious works.
God by you.

Anonymous said...

Some very astute observations. Some of these ideas have crossed my mind also.
Regarding the future of Trump. I believe that he has no future. The Jews are waiting to see who he will pick as his running mate. I am sure that it will be someone that they promote. ( Trump will genuflect to these demons and accede to their pick of his running mate. Trump believes that he can outsmart these people because he has dealt with them for decades in New York City. He can't. )
As the campaign nears an end, they will assess his chances of winning. If he can beat Clinton they will let things play out.
After his inauguration, he will be assassinated by someone Mexican, Muslim or black. ( the angry, lone nut )
Then their vice-presidential pick will step right into office and do their will.

Of course, they own Hillary Clinton already, so if she wins it is no sweat for them.

These demons will not lose until the end of the world. Then they will be smashed to dust.

Anonymous said...

Great article, AP! All I can say about it is - EXACTLY!
I would also vote for Trump and so should everybody who has a spark of hope left. If he doesn't deliver, fine. But people shouldn't accept defeat beforehand.

That's the kind of attitude which most assuredly leads to the greatest evils in the world being accepted. Just praying is not enough because FAITH WITHOUT WORKS IS DEAD.

Anonymous said...

There has always been a Moneychanger somewhere in the woodpile. I will be checking with a couple of our priests. As always, I will be doing what they do. I do nkt think they will be running from the Soros boogeyman.

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