Wednesday, February 3, 2016

The Plan for Poland and all Europeans: Guests in their own country

(Although the article does not mention Mr Soros and his ilk informed readers know the names of the billionaire plutocrats pushing the destruction of Europe. Editor, The Eye-Witness)

The upcoming GOP primary donnybrook between the establishment right and the antiestablishment right has had a foreshadowing in Polish politics over the past dozen years in the war between Poland’s two dominant parties, both conservative. If you want to know what a Trump presidency might be like, the bumptious populist conservative government elected in Poland three months ago offers some clues.
In the U.S. before the rise of Trump, the emerging schisms on the right—globalism versus nationalism, elitism versus populism, diversity versus solidarity—were mostly papered over by Republicans for the sake of putting up a united front against Democrats. But Poland’s recent history is revealing because the left is so discredited there (in last October’s parliamentary elections, the top five parties, which won 83 percent of the vote, were all more or less on the right) that the tensions among 21st-century conservatives already dominate national debate. This was exemplified by the Polish rightist parties’ clashing over how to respond to German chancellor Angela Merkel’s diktat to invite a million-Muslim mob into Europe, which wound up with a single party winning an absolute majority in parliament for the first time in the history of modern free Poland.
Polish politics tend to baffle Anglophones because the spelling of the leaders’ names is so eye glazing. Moreover, to a slightly lesser extent than Hungarian, Polish is a language little known by outsiders, so it’s hard for Anglophones to get an unbiased sense of what’s going on politically in Poland or Hungary. Most of the opinions we hear out of Poland and Hungary come from English-speaking cosmopolites who find the populist policies backed by the majorities deplorable. (Of course, another perspective is that separate languages are a good reason for having separate countries.)
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Anonymous said...

What we are witnessing in Europe isn't something new, it has a long history, I call it the 'Kalergi Plan', as it was proposed in 1924 by a well connected aristo by the name of Count Coudenhove-Kalergi. (Can't make up names like that). He was big mates with a more visible aristo, Otto von Habsburg, indeed the two got on so well that 'young' Otto for many years fronted Kalergi's Pan Europa organization. The Pan Europa outfit envisaged a sort of European unity controlled by 'old money' as distinct from the Bilderburger's emphasis on technocrats and 'new money'. I suspect the two have now settled their differences and agree to work in tandem. Their 'dream', or rather a nightmare for us ordinary folk, is an Afro-Islamic Europe.
I suspect the implementation of this evil scheme was set back many years by the Cold War. Just my guess.

Aged parent said...

Interesting, Anon. Thanks for the comment.

aly said...

How will it pan out? Let's hope the Poles don't live up to bad jokes. Yes Anonymous, good comment.

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