Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Real Ecumenism

In times of terrible turmoil, as in Syria today, sometimes genuine examples of ecumenism can be found.

From the website of the Syrian Orthodox Patriarchate of Antioch:



This type of genuine mutual respect for two groups of Christians leads us to believe that past evils and misunderstandings can be overcome, and are far superior to fruitless attempts to become close to protestants who reject sacred dogmas outright, and other groups who could care less about them.  Let us just say that despite crucial differences, some of them dogmatic in nature, Catholics and Orthodox are a lot closer to each other than they would be to other religions which reject even the essential truth of who Jesus Christ is

When Catholics and Orthodox,who should never have been separated, join together in these types of initiatives, then there is still hope.


FLOR solitaria said...

May God forgive me, but I know the Orthodox very well. I was one of them once and lived among them for most of my life both in bad times and good times, both in the West and in the East.
I think this so-called ecumenism is just the fear of death, just like it was in the 1440s when the Byzantines were negotiating their faith and their life. Nothing will induce the Eastern Orthodox, wherever they are, to give up their hatred and prejudices against the Catholics. It's drummed up into them since childhood by their priests who think it is pleasing to God. I don't believe there is any other faith closer to that of the Pharisees.

Aged parent said...

Believe me, I know what you're saying. When I read some of the ignorant and unbelievably hate-crazed comments by some Orthodox against Catholics, I throw my hands up in despair. The recent meeting between Kirill and Francis brought them all out of the woodwork again. It's extremely depressing.

Having said that, I still have a hope, perhaps a naive one, that this awful schism will one day be mended.

By the way, I would very much welcome your insights into Orthodoxy for an article I am planning. If you would ever care to write something along those lines for use here, please send an email to parentaged@hotmail.com Your thoughts would be invaluable.

FLOR solitaria said...

I think the schism will never mend. Read the Revelation, chapters 2 and 3 - the Churches are there in several forms. There is not one perfect human Church, even though The Founder was perfect. Just as there is no human solution to the diabolical problems the world is facing today. The only thing that gives me hope is chapter 11, which has been misinterpreted most of the time.

I will write you what I know about "practical" Orthodoxy but it won't be very encouraging. However it will be absolutely true. I have refrained lately from criticizing that aspect out of respect for the work of the Boss Bear, although I think they are very wrong about it and the way they are handling it will not help them at all.

Aged parent said...

I will look forward to your observations.

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