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Roberto de Mattei comments on Italy's Family Day

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(by Roberto de Mattei on ) The Family Day of January 30, has brought to light the existence of another Italian, very different from the relativist and pornomane submitted to us by the media as the only real. Italy Family Day is that portion of the people, wider than you might imagine, it has remained true, or has regained in recent years, those that Benedict XVI has called " non-negotiable values ​​": life, family, the education of children, in the belief that only on these pillars can be based a well-ordered society.
Italy Family Day stands as antithetical to Italy Cirinnà the law , which takes its name from the bill introduced by Senator Monica Cirinnà, to introduce same-sex marriage and adoption in our country. Italy Family Day is not only Italy that defends the family institution, it is also an Italy that is opposed to the enemies of the family, beginning with the group of activists who, behind the screen of Cirinnà law, wants to impose the country an ideology and a practical pan-sexualist.
This minority is supported by the European Union, the marx-Enlightenment lobby and the various levels of Freemasonry and able , but unfortunately enjoys the sympathy and goodwill of some of the bishops and Catholic movements. In this sense Italy Family Day is not that of Msgr. Nunzio Galantino, secretary of the Italian Episcopal Conference, nor is that of associations like Communion and Liberation, the Agesci, the Focolare Movement, the Renewal of the Spirit, that January 30 did not attend the Circus Maximus.
Mons, Galantino has tried in every way to prevent the event , then unable to stop the mobilization, he wanted to impose on it a different goal: that, as noted by Riccardo Cascioli on New Compass Daily on February 1, " get to a law on civil unions that keep them distinct from the family based on marriage between man and woman and that avoids the adoption. In other words, the CEI want DICO against whom he had fought eight years ago " . The first Family Day, in 2007, was in fact promoted by the Italian bishops against the legalization of civil unions (SAY), rightly presented as an open door to the pseudo-sex marriage. Today we hear tell that we should accept civil unions, precisely to avoid the so-called gay marriage.
He tells, among others, in an interview, Msgr. Marcello Semeraro, bishop of Albano: " In principle, I have no objection to the fact that under the public profile will give legal substance to these unions. It seems to me that the reaction relates to the issue of generativity, adoptions, not the public recognition of the unions. The important thing is that they are not assimilated to the reality of marriage " . And, for the avoidance of doubt, he adds: " A law on civil unions can certainly do" ( Corriere della Sera, January 31).
The position is clear: no homosexual adoption, yes to the legalization of homosexual unions, provided they are not formally defined marriage. If from Cirinnà bill some elements were removed which equate all over the civil marriage to same-sex unions, then a Catholic could consent to it. Msgr. Semeraro is considered, as Msgr. Galatino, a confidant of Pope Francis.
So the question naturally arises: what is the position of the Pope about it? Antonio Socci, on Libero of January 31, notes that it was " evident absence and palpable coolness " of Pope Francis, who has not even sent a I salute to Family day and did I mention it either in hearing speech on Saturday morning, in the reflection or the next day. How to judge this silence, when the Government and the Italian Parliament are preparing to inflict a moral wound to our country?

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