Thursday, December 10, 2015

The Church and the World are afraid to say anything...maybe the environmentalists will?

Nostra Aetate Dept.

From the Latin Patriarchate of Jerusalem:

On land stolen from the Palestinians, ancient olive trees are destroyed

These Master Race tactics of the occupying regime in the Holy Land are all too common.

[For anyone interested, on the sidebar is a photo of olive oil.  By clicking the photo you will be taken to a site that sells the precious olive oil produced by these millennium-old trees, the remaining ones that is.  We use this in our home and can highly recommend it.  It makes a lovely Christmas gift, too.]


Astrid Rammo said...

I don't see the sidebar photo of olive oil anywhere...

Aged parent said...

Hello Astrid:

It's in the right-hand column of the page, right under the list of Popular Posts and Followers.

Hope that helps.

Astrid Rammo said...

Oh, there it is.

Aged II.

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