Tuesday, December 8, 2015

Some of us might have this response to Fisichella's veiled excommunication threats


Seriously though, the good Archbishop would help himself if he would delve more deeply into Church history.  Legitimate and respectful criticism of the Pope when necessary has been going on in the Church since Christ Himself walked the earth, and has continued on since then.

One doesn't need to bore readers with the obvious historical examples that abound.  Catholics know that when their leaders go astray they have the right and the duty to express their thoughts, even if those thoughts are not the kind that high-ranking Churchmen wish to hear.

Would the good Archbishop be shocked to learn that Jesus Christ Himself said to the first pope, "Get thee behind me, Satan." ?

If nothing else Fisichella's ludicrous remarks indicate that the current Pope's hangers-on (and maybe Francis himself) are in desperation mode.

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Anonymous said...

The Remant has launched a petition requesting Francis step down. I can't think of a better way to dare someone to excommunicare the FAITHFul.

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