Wednesday, December 9, 2015

President Duda, what is more important to you, NATO or your own Polish people?

Already the new president of Poland, Andrzej Duda, who had given us such hope that he would be a tireless fighter for the rights of Poland and her people, is showing the world that being in the good graces of NATO is more important than peace in the region.  It is even more important presumably than the Polish people who elected him.

Duda has apparently joined the US/NATO bandwagon and the sinister cabal of oligarchs behind them.  He is ready and willing to help the US and NATO (or do I repeat myself?) wage their wars of choice and to increase the tensions in the area.  Incredibly, in an act of national stupidity if not national suicide, he will allow nuclear weapons from NATO to rest on Polish soil, and to be fired from Polish soil presumably at Russia, if the US wants, ensuring that the retaliatory strikes that will inevitably come will destroy great swaths of Polish land and people.

What is the hold that the US and NATO have over the leaders of Europe that would make them sacrifice the very lives of their own people against imaginary threats cooked up by Washington? What makes these leaders abandon their people so completely and so quickly?  Money?  Blackmail? What is it?

I believe that Mr Duda is a serious Catholic, though, of course, one that has been undernourished in the Faith like most of the rest of the world's Catholics for the past century.  Yet even so he does seem to take his faith seriously.  If that surmise is the correct one is there no sensible clergyman around that can school him in the realities of the world?  Here is a man clearly willing to see a nuclear weapon strike his land in retaliation for one shot from his country under NATO/US orders.

Satan never sleeps, we know, and so the centuries-old hatreds between Poland and Russia are being whipped up by the Lords of Chaos who cleverly use these ancient hatreds to manipulate people and nations.  The Evil One works through men and he has found fertile ground in certain peoples and countries. But to continue this hatred in the face of today's reality is pure stupidity.  The US/NATO and the other players in this game are happily doing the work of their overlords by stirring up a hatred between Poland and Russia.  It is mind boggling that so many Poles go along with this.

The Russians for their part are not being as helpful as they could by their constant Victory Parades marking the defeat of the Nazis.  Though Vladimir Putin has been notably trying to warm relations between his country and others, there are still those patriotic marches and celebrations that, frankly, could be toned down.  We can somewhat understand why these marches are suddenly popular again: half the world wants Russia's head on a platter.  Be that as it may it would do well if Russia would re-think this strategy of super patriotism.

[A fascinating article appeared here at The Unz Review.  Even more fascinating were the comments that followed, especially several that pointed out the same things about Russia's over-indulgence in Victory parades.  Says commenter "Rurik":
What I would hope for is for Putin to relax his anti-fascist rhetoric that gets all the former satellite states like Ukraine and Poland and the Baltic states riled up and trembling at the Russian bear. Thereby priming them to want to run to big daddy NATO for succor. Militaristic Russian nationalism on steroids may assuage the urge for nationalistic chest beating of the working class Russian male, but at what price?
Russia, IMHO needs more and better reconciliation between Russia and those people who suffered under the Soviet Union. This seems to have happened in places like Hungary, but is a big problem in the Baltic states because of the large number of ethnic Russians who are still there and are having a hard time assimilating. Putin just needs to be an even more impressive statesman than he’s already being. Relax the rhetoric. Tone down the Victory Day Parades. Allow the people to tear down the hated statues of Lenin and the hated Red Soldier (rapist) Stop denigrating the Baltic grandfathers who heroically fought against Bolshevism. It only pushes your neighbors into the fetid hands of Zio-NATO-Rothschild/Fed.

I highly recommend both the article and many of the comments.]

But with all that at least Russia is making an effort at friendship and cooperation.  Poland on the other hand does not appear to be making much effort on its part to bury the hatchet.

What Andrzej Duda might do is to emulate Viktor Orban of Hungary.  Hungary suffered terribly under the Communist Russian boot but has come to realize that Russia is not the Soviet Union anymore and is willing to work together with all nations for the good of his Hungarian people.  Not surprisingly, he is hated for this by the US establishment.

Orban could show Poland the way if she would but take note.  If Mr Duda wishes to continue his fatal friendship with NATO his nation will be just another pawn in the hands of billionaires and may end up a smoking ruin.  Literally.  If Russia detects a nuclear weapon coming at it from any NATO country it is unlikely that Russia will merely sit there and take it.  This is the imminent danger that America has put Poland in (and Germany and Italy and dozens of others), and it is astonishing that the leaders of Poland are willing to accept this danger. [Here is a good article on what NATO and the US are up to in the Balkans:]

We can only hope that Mr Duda's Catholicism "kicks in" soon and that he rejects the siren song of the Money Power and its agents, who care nothing how many innocent people get burnt to cinders in their quest for imperial dominance.

Pray for dear Poland.


S. Armaticus said...

Dear Friends,

What you need to understand about the relationship between Poland and Russia is that it is an existential problem at its core. In other words, Russia does not see Poland as an independent country, but rather as a part of a larger Russia. It is this existential threat that President Duda is countering at present. For this reason he is trying to strengthen the alliance with Nato and with the other Central and Eastern European countries who have the same history/problem. Romania and the Ukraine are in the same boat and are the key.

As for Hungary and Victor Orban, he is in a different situation. The Magyar's are not Slavs. Therefore, the Russians don't consider them as wayward brothers. So their situation is much different.

Hope this helps explain the situation in that part of the world. This is why the consecration of Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary is so important. And this is why to the Russians (new Rome), this notion is anethma.

Pax Christi,


PS I am always gutted when I appear as if I am breaking up what appears as a natual alliance.

Aged parent said...

Thanks, as always, for your comments S Armaticus.

I share your hope that some day soon Russia will be consecrated.

"Russia does not see Poland as an independent country, but rather as a part of a larger Russia." I have no doubt that some Russians still feel this way but it does not seem to be the Russian leadership's position. The statements I have read from Putin indicate that he does not have any territorial desires on Poland and its people. Some hot heads in the country may have the opposite view to Putin's, but they are not directing Russian policy. True, Russia has a long, long way to go to heal the wounds it received in the 20th century, but efforts are being made to heal, and that can only be a good sign.

In any case the point of my rant was that Poland is being stupid if it continues to reject Russian overtures of friendship and instead becomes just another stooge of the globalists. I don't want to see their beautiful land or their people reduced to ashes.

The real, dangerous villains of the current calamities in the world do not reside in Moscow.

Thanks again for your most interesting comment - and a blessed Advent to you and yours.


Anonymous said...

"Russia" envisions an horizon beyond little Poland. The 'Third Rome' idea is still a motivating force: "Two Romes have fallen, a fourth there shall not be. Thou art now sovereign of all faithful Christians". So wrote it is alleged an anonymous Greek monk in 1453 to the Duke of Moscow. Naturally subsequent dukes and later czars have willingly embraced this geopolitical vision. Looking at contemporary western Europe who can blame the hotheads in Putin's circle getting a bit carried away with their victory parades.
Prognostication, particularly the armchair sort, has many pit falls, but at the welcome risk of getting egg on my face, it is quite likely our grandchildren will see they have two options; bend the knee to Moscow or prostrate themselves to Mecca.
Of course it is possible both centers are controlled by the same manipulators!

Rr said...

The problems between Poles and Russians, Poles amd Ukraine, Russia and Poles, Russians and Ukraine stem at least from the XVI century, when Poles conquered part of what would become Russia. Apparently they didn't behave fairly and honestly, so ,when time came, they paid Russians the price of it. In the XVII century there were many rebellions of Ukrainians against Poles, until Russia stepped in. It seems that Slavs havw fought each anther for centuries with much more " gusto" than us, Western Europeans of Latin and Germanic descent.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Rr for the insightful comment.

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