Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Cardinal Koch, may we expect a new Joint Declaration?

It is comforting to know that some still honor their ancient traditions, as we can see from the following linked story out of England.  Since this is an important movement of spiritually-motivated people we are confident that Cardinal Koch will soon be composing a Joint Declaration between the Church of Rome and the Church of Stonehenge.  It would be consistent with the oft-stated goals of the Vatican to have encounter and dialogue,

Who can be against that?

Cardinal Koch, we await your conciliatory prose.  And think of how natty you would look in a deer antler chapeau.

[For a more honest and more entertaining look at the mysteries of Stonehenge we could do no better than to recommend a superior horror film from 1957, The Night of the Demon, (which was released in the US in a cut version and re-titled Curse of the Demon...see the original British version only) which was brilliantly written by Charles Bennett based on a short story by M.R. James, and a film that contains a superb performance by Niall MacGinnins as the evil Carswell.]


A sample of this film's mastery of atmosphere:


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Bonnie said...

So sad and eloquent of hopelessness. A sinless, Virgin Mother giving birth to a Divine Babe is rejected in favor of this childish futility.

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