Wednesday, August 5, 2015

The Witches of 2015

(From the 1962 film, "Jack the Giant Killer")
In his classic book The Everlasting Man, G.K. Chesterton made the following observations when referring to "black magic":

" may be noted as not irrelevant here that certain anti-human antagonisms seem to recur in this tradition of black magic.  There may be suspected as running through it everywhere, for instance, a mystical hatred of the idea of childhood. [My emphasis.] People would understand better the popular fury against the witches, if they remembered that the malice most commonly attributed to them was preventing the birth of children".

A more succinct description of the mindset that animates the contraceptors, the abortion advocates, the sodomites and now the mutilators of adults and little children could hardly be found.  They are the followers of witchery, actually, if you stop and think about it.  Their hand is tipped when we begin to realize that it is the diabolical hatred of children and the very idea of childhood which consumes them.  Chesterton saw this all nearly a century ago.

Children are the target.  And they always were.


Anonymous said...

Wow! Never thought of that.


Damask Rose said...

Hansel and Gretel, anyone.

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed, almost shocked by the penetrating insight of G K Chesterton. His observation was probably ignored when he made it as Edwardian England was confident of its modernity and scientific progress. After the horrors of the past century we can say he was right.

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