Monday, August 3, 2015

The Psychopaths March on Syria

Israel and Washington want Assad out of Syria.  Assad protects the Christians of Syria as well as all the others.  Therefore, he must go.

In September, 2013 the media and government unleashed a 24/7 propaganda campaign to make the US public accept an unjust aggression against Syria, a nation that has done us no harm.  Many fell for the lies including, I am sad to report, far too many Catholic websites.  All was in readiness and the military was on full alert to destroy a country that protected its Christians.

Then something happened.  The Pope called for a day of fasting and prayer to stop America's proposed slaughter.  The Pope wrote to President Putin of Russia for help in averting this disaster.  Mr Putin wrote a letter to the New York Times asking, with great politeness and admirable humility, that America re-think what it has been doing of late.

In addition Putin immediately brokered a deal with Syria to have all its chemical weapons destroyed.

The US public at last wanted no more wars.  Europeans started to back away from the American war frenzy.

America was stymied.  But not for long.  Soon a mysterious group of savages suddenly appeared in Syria and elsewhere, who came to be known as ISIS.  We now know that they were equipped, trained and financed by Israel and America as a proxy army to target the regimes they wanted to change.  And so this group of US-created fanatics started their reign of terror.

Revenge was swift upon Russia, too.  A few months after the Syria massacre was stalled a coup was financed, arranged and carried out by the USA and its proxies in Ukraine, and their legitimate government was overthrown, leaving the country in the hands of US backed bankers, pederasts and fanatics.  One doesn't mess with the monkey with a hand grenade, as one statesmen recently described the US government.

Now the revenge is complete.  The spolied brats in Washington have now openly declared that they will fire on Syrian troops to safeguard the "rebels" - the "rebels" being the proxy Israeli-US fanatics trying to oust Assad, an imperfect man but nevertheless a protector of Christians.

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Anonymous said...

A good analysis and one which thinking Catholics should admit is a truthful exposition of the facts we are able to glean. The situation is probably much deeper with Britain, France and Turkey also aiding ISIS terrorists. Pope Francis' appeal for peace in September 2013 left me feeling a bit baffled, because for decades the Vatican has shown itself to be a semi-willing tool of the NWO scheme, so I still can't figure out what brought about this, likely temporary, change in position. One thing is certain, the silent war on Christianity we have witnessed for the past 50+ years will not abate, it will grow more reckless as the NWO schemers are determined to have their way. I suspect the forthcoming Synod on the Family is using the distractions of the debate on divorce to sneak in some ambiguous language aimed at the 'acceptance' of homosexuals and "their gifts".

FLOR solitaria said...

Pope Benedict XVI had nothing to do with the NWO. That's why he was removed. Whenever he tried to say something meaningful the media crucified him. And now they are all fawning over the Clown of the Century.

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