Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Horse's Ash Carter Talks Tough

The Secretary of Defense???

Where do these idiots come from?  I really, truly, want to know.  Are they from Mars, or do they emerge, like all war profiteers, from the deep recesses of their own strange minds?

This clown wants to have a nuclear war with Russia.





Look at his views philosophically: being a mandarin of the military-industrial amalgam, which makes him immensely rich, lots of American dead bodies are not something that troubles him overmuch. US soldiers are a dime a dozen, so Mr Carter can live with a couple of hundred thousand body bags being sent home, presuming there is enough left of the soldiers' bodies to get sent back.  And since that doesn't weigh too heavily on his conscience, the sight of obliterated US cities probably wouldn't either.  He will, after all, be safely ensconced in his well-protected underground bunker while the rest of us, a la Hiroshima, are roasted to death.

Surely there is an asylum somewhere, with thickly padded cells, where we could find a place for Mr Carter?

An additional padded cell needs to be reserved for this guy:



C.J. said...

They emerge from some deep recesses alright. (_X_)

Damask Rose said...

Donchaknow a nuclear war would distract the masses from Muslim immigration...


A nuclear war would finish off the masses if Muslim immigration doesn't.

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