Tuesday, August 18, 2015

The Judaizing of Father Guido Innocenzo Gargano

Like the Judaizers of old, Father Guido Innocenzo Gargano, Biblicist and patrologist, would have it that Jesus Christ Our Lord, who gave us a New Testament to replace the Old, would approve of divorce, perhaps out of the "hardness of heart" of His people, as Moses had done.  Is it not nice to know that finally, after two thousand years of study, experience, living and teaching the Faith Christ bequeathed to us that the Church has been wrong all along, and has now finally, at long last, thanks to Father Gargano, discovered the truth?

The world must marvel that it took two millenia for the Church to finally get it right, and by a wonderful and strange coincidence Father Gargano's revelation comes just in time to support the thesis of Cardinal Kasper at the upcoming Bastard Synod, the Synod of Sodomy, the Sin-Nod (h/t Restore DC Catholicism), the Synod of Delusions, the preternatural calamity that the Modernists have in store for the world.  We must thank God that He has given us Father Gargano's revelations just in time to lend support to the gravediggers of Holy Church, the one's who will pound the final nail in the coffin.

Sandro Magister reports:

The exegesis of the words of Jesus on marriage and divorce made by the Camaldolese monk Guido Innocenzo Gargano, a famous biblicist and patrologist and a professor at the pontifical universities Gregoriana and Urbaniana, is more and more at the center of the pre-synodal discussion.

In his judgment, in the kingdom of heaven preached by Jesus there is also room for those who today might continue to make use of the faculty of repudiation granted by Moses on account of “hardness of heart.”

After that exercise in patent nonsense we are therefore grateful that Magister prints the deafening rebuttal to the gangrenous Gargano by the excellent Father Gonzalo Ruis Freites (providentially, a Spaniard), a rebuttal which will appear in book form.  But here a few examples from Father Freites:

The teaching of Jesus on divorce and remarriage, present both in the synoptic Gospels and in the writings of Paul, is unanimous and definitive and forms part of the revelation of the New Testament, received and faithfully guarded by the Church. This is a teaching of divine-apostolic origin, absolute and universal, that prohibits divorce and, in the case of the remarriage of one who has divorced, considers the second union as adultery. 

The hypothesis of Father Guido Innocenzo Gargano has no support in a serious exegesis of the texts he has studied - in their literal sense, in the immediate context, and in the entirety of the revelation of the New Testament. His is a failed attempt, moreover, because he has selected the texts that he wanted to consider on the basis of his preconceptions and not of the precomprehension of the faith of the whole of the New Testament. He has also studied them in an exceedingly partial manner, without the slightest exegetical analysis of the texts or their context. Finally, he has forced them in order to draw conclusions that are in accord with the preconceptions with which he began.

We are reminded of the words of St. Jerome, when he teaches that the one who studies the sacred text must adhere above all “to the exact interpretation,” and that “the duty of the commentator is not that of presenting personal ideas but rather those of the author who is being commented upon.” Otherwise, he adds, “the sacred orator is exposed to a grave danger, one day or another, on account of a mistaken interpretation, of making the Gospel of God the Gospel of man.”

Even I am dumfounded at the blatant Judaizing of people like Gargano who seem to have forgotten that the Old Law is no more;  It was replaced.  It is gone.  Kasper and his mandarins mean business, however, and with an essentially dogmatically illiterate Catholic people drowning in apathy they are going to prevail unless our pleas to Heaven can bring a Divine Intervention to stop these madmen.

The Magister article is here


Sick of their bullshit said...

Yes, thank goodness that we are finally saved from two thousand years of error. Protestant idiot!

Isaias (Isaiah) 5:20
Woe to you that call evil good, and good evil: that put darkness for light, and light for darkness: that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter.

FLOR solitaria said...

The Judaizing of the Catholic Church started at least two centuries ago with devious people like the Chevalier Drach and the Lehman Abbots. And all the other phony converts who started writing books about the Church doctrine as soon as they 'converted' to the Catholic faith. It's unbelievable how those books got the approval to be printed and recognized as Catholic books, because they are masterpieces of subversiveness. Today we are seeing the results of the two hundred years of 'education'.

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