Wednesday, August 27, 2014


Bishop Ackermann

You will, I hope, forgive me for asking such a blunt question.

But I believe, Your Excellency, that we have a perfect right to ask that question.  I ask it because I want you to tell me the truth.  I ask it because I believe you need some help from the spiritual sickness that appears to be hindering your good judgment.  We need to diagnose that sickness so we can suggest a remedy.

Catholics have duly taken notice of some very odd comments you have been making of late, comments reported in the German media and elsewhere and brought to English speakers through the auspices of that valuable blog, The Eponymous Flower.

In the interests, then, of Full Disclosure: Are you a homosexual?  Or are you the type of prelate who finds a perverse delight in scandalizing the faithful?  Or are you attempting to get into the good graces of the homosexual mafia that is currently very powerful in Rome? Are you a member of that mafia or are you the recipient of their largess?  To be honest, Your Excellency, neither your words nor your demeanor exactly inspire confidence.  In fact, at the risk of sounding a little overly concerned, if I saw your face coming up to me in a dark street one night I would run from it. Forgive me for being brutally honest.

You have been telling the faithful of late that mortal sins, which everyone knows are mortal sins, are not mortal sins.  Have you wondered how many wavering Catholics upon hearing that might now go on and commit those sins which God through His Church have deemed to be mortal? Does that perhaps trouble you, Excellency? I am curious: are you aware of Our Lord's very clear admonition against scandalizing little ones?  Do you know what a mill stone is?

You have expressed your opinion on the matter of birth control.  Your opinion is the wrong one.  It is certainly not God's opinion as expressed through His Church.  You are essentially telling Catholics, in true Protestant fashion, to "go and sin more".  Perhaps when you were "anointed" by the lady Protestant minister some of her disordered thinking rubbed off on you?

So to you, Bishop Stefan Ackermann, o mitred one, sex before marriage is nothing to be condemned, (number one), defeating God's plan for bringing children into the world is a good thing (number two) and now the unspeakable vice of sodomy is in your eyes perfectly natural - and furthermore you condemn any efforts to lead souls away from it.  That's number three, Excellency, and according to American baseball you've struck out.

What are we to make of this?

Which brings me back to my first question: are you a homosexual?  Tell the truth, plainly and simply. I ask that because in reviewing the content of your statements my logic tells me that something odd is going on in your mind.  Words and actions do permit us to make intelligent guesses.  Or to put it more prosaically, if it looks like a duck, walks like a duck and quacks like a duck, it's a duck.

If you are one, please stop.  Go to a good confessor for help.  Remove yourself immediately from your investigative board looking into cases of homosexual priests who are buggering adolescent boys because at this point the conflict of interest is too glaring for you to ignore.  If you are unable to change your views and/or way of living then remove yourself as Bishop of Trier.

Perhaps like Cardinal Dolan (who doesn't mind seeing men like Michael Sam going to hell) you really don't have any problem with seeing your spiritual children losing their souls if they engage in these kinds of mortal sins. Perhaps the self-destruction of the Catholic Church does not overly concern you.  But even if none of these things have any interest for you one would be inclined to think that you may have an interest in where you will be once God calls you from this life.  So we will need to spell it out for you:

Your soul, Excellency, is at stake.


Is it time yet, Lord? said...

Well put.

How old is this bishop? Old enough to have snuck into,the priesthood when most of the other ones did? Now that Sodomites are a protected species they no longer need to hide behind clerical robes or take teaching jobs that involve after hours projects or volunteer for overnighters with the Scouts in order to have a playground filled with boys and no watchful eyes of parents. Maybe now they will get the @#%! Out of our Church. Especially now they have effectively disarmed Her with regards to their particular sin and their agents are poised to make same sex "unions" legitimate at the upcoming Synod. Yes, they will do it. It has been part of the plan all along. So I am wondering since they no longer need to do their filth under cover and the Synod follies will be mission accomplished...will they finally get the @#%! Out of our Church?!

Probably not as the Novus Ordoites continue to brush, curry, house and feed them.

bigfred said...

Holy crap, that photo of him gets a 10 out of 10 on the gaydar scale. Even more so than Bernardin.

Aged parent, you should think about posting a photo lineup of any probable-homo high level clergy. Don't forget early photos of Bergolio.

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