Thursday, August 14, 2014


Moshe Feiglin
Really, you can't make this stuff up.

An Israeli official calls for the establishment of concentration camps in Gaza:

Those Christians and Muslims who haven't fled or been exterminated by the Israeli occupiers may now have to look forward to spending their days in concentration camps.

The man who calls for this (above) is both a psychopath and a sociopath.  We await any word from the current Pope decrying this (although perhaps I should not hold my breath).

I have searched many notable Christian and Catholic blogsites in vain for any reporting of this.  It is true that a sense or irony has never been the strong point of far too many bloggers, so perhaps this story might awaken it in some of them.

While the Christian world (rightly) condemns the USA/Israeli-trained and funded ISIS creeps who are decimating the Christians in Iraq, Syria and elsewhere that same world is strangely silent about the Christians being decimated in the Holy Land.

I find that fascinating.

An Israeli soldier, 13 August 2014.  No comment.


Anonymous said...

That comment by a ranking Israeli spokesperson will probably shock and offend sensitive souls who have never done any critical thinking or reading. However, for the rest of us the Israeli's comment comes as no surprise. The Jewish attitudes to us 'goyim', ie.,cattle is clearly laid out in their Talmud.
Time to wake up folks and start thinking about our own interests as Christians and come to the painful realization that we have no friends in the world. We must support and look for protection from our own people.

Anonymous said...

These two links on this topic were shamelessly purloined from a Catholic website. Brutally truthful with videos to back it up. Not for the squeamish.

bigfred said...

But, but... they are our "elder brothers" and we have to kowtow to them. Otherwise they, the Jewish supremacists, will pull out their big guns and call us anti-Semitic. We can't withstand that. Haha.

They've been operating that racket for so many decades... so that now I have to laugh when I read how those like Pam Gellar are called "racists" on campuses these days. That's poetic justice.

Still, the Muslims are a worse threat now and so we are kind of stuck with being on the same side, though we should never trust them.

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