Sunday, August 10, 2014


I stopped buying on Amazon over a year ago when they started to become sodomy-friendly.  In the interim they have become masters of the old political graft system, working in cahoots now with states to extract sales tax even though the company does not reside in these states.  The states and Amazon scratch each other's backs now, just like the old days when Al Capone was riding high.

The bigger Amazon gets the worse it becomes.

Now, however, they are developing tools for and working with the US Central Intelligence Agency, an organization involved in murder, espionage and other charming activities which are supposed to keep Americans safe.  (Yawn)

Now that Amazon is working with the oppressors against the oppressed I believe it is time for everyone to reevaluate their buying habits.

The Left comments:


Anonymous said...

Busted Link? Or am I not seeing it?

How about an executive summary?

Aged parent said...


The link worked for me. Give it another try.

Essentially, Amazon is developing more sophisticated ways to "keep track" of we the sheeple, and the CIA is salivating over this technology, which Amazon is gladly going to provide them.

Big business and government working hand-in-hand, also known I believe as fascism.

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