Friday, August 15, 2014


Fire bombs hurled at police by rioters in Ferguson

Living in a city with a large black population gives one, perhaps, a more balanced view of the nonsense going on in predominantly-negro Ferguson, Missouri.

First, the police.  No city should tolerate sociopaths working as policemen.  Sadly, we have seen some examples of this in recent years and it is not a pretty thing to look at.  Having said that, and not knowing all the facts of the Missouri case, we are not prepared to state that the police officer who shot the robber Michael Brown can be characterized as a sociopath.  We await the complete story, unfiltered by yellow journalism.

Second, militarization.  Yes, this troubles us as something that in the future could be used against people who demand their natural rights.  We see Ukrainians killing fellow Ukrainians right now in a classic scenario of an arrogant oligarchy crushing those who do not wish to be under the thumb of an oligarchy.  So, yes, it could happen here.  Indeed if things go on as they have been we think it likely.

Third, the rioters.  It would be hard to convince any sensible person that the best way to express your opinion about a police shooting is to loot, fire-bomb and assault.  Many scenes of two able-bodies young blacks hauling away $3500 high-definition television sets are not calculated to inspire much sympathy among those who have experience living in larger towns.  The looting of stores carrying expensive designer sun glasses and the latest overpriced Chinese junk sneakers likewise make us wonder exactly who is oppressing whom.

The basic facts of the case are simply stated in this short piece in Chronicles:

These facts were already known to us as we watched in amazement the rioting that is going on and getting worse.  That an everyday occurrence like this in America's urban jungles - one that we read about five or six times per week in our newspapers - should spark such outrageous behavior by negroes is an indication of serious problems that short of a miracle will only grow far worse. For example, when government handouts inevitably begin to dry up the carnage to follow can be imagined.

But yellow journalism will always play to the emotions, and emotional people will react accordingly - except those who live in cities with large populations of fatherless, feral young black males with no impulse control and who are indeed genuine sociopaths - as well as a supreme embarrassment to the more cultured blacks who see them bringing shame upon their race.  Those who have to endure everything from boom boxes shaking the windows of one's home to litter and graffiti adorning once beautiful, quiet neighborhoods will understand what it is like to live among blacks who have not been brought up properly and who in over eighty per cent of recorded cases do not know who their father is.  Yes, it is that bad.  When one who has lived in a neighborhood for nigh in fifty years in tranquility must now hear gun shots and the almost constant din of police and/or ambulance sirens disturbing that tranquility it gives that individual a perspective.  As the FBI statistics make very clear: young, fatherless black males are out of control and are a public danger.  If that shocks us, it should.

Those of us who still have our memories of the 1967 riots see in this latest anarchy something all-too-typical.

Humanly speaking we see no solution to this problem.  It will have to be a Divine solution, somehow.  In the meantime we have to keep praying and keep our heads down and our doors locked.  That is the reality in large metropolitan cities today.

The rioting blacks of Ferguson issue a warning


City Mouse said...

City Negroes always look for an excuse to loot. They have no morals whatsoever. It is now reported that this Brown character was a thief, a thug and punk disrupting city traffic just for fun. No surprise there. Further, the cop is described by peers in words not usually used merely to defend. Words like "calm and gentle man". I believe it. He had also just come in from an hours long call regarding a small child.

Video facts and other details prove that Brown was the architect of his own demise. Just like old hoodie whats his name Martin. Decent folk do not find themselves in these situations but worthless troublemaking PUNKS do. So the racist screamers and cop haters just had their storyline blown out of the water.

Military weapons do not belong in the hands of police. Police used to be called Peace Officers and they need to get back to that image but LA, Chicago,...and Ferguson are not Mayberry. What they are is predominantly amora, immoral, riotous, drug dealing black people who often out-arm and out-man the cops. I would not to be a cop in those places unless I had the means to stop their nonsense and right now. And just the sight of that force is what stopped the nonsense in Ferguson.

When was the last time the cops had to taser or shoot an Amish man? How many people in your parish have arrest warrants out on them? Blacks in this country have earned every suspicious glance they get. No one earned it for them.

Anonymous said...

Americans who haven't travelled abroad recently may not fully comprehend that the disastrous situation in places like Ferguson is not limited to America, but is now becoming apparent in many large European cities. Indeed it has the potential to be far worse as 'lawlessness' is also linked now with Islamic extremism.

bigfred said...

"is also linked now with Islamic extremism"

Yep, it's all in very large part about resentment against whitey, all around the world.

There is that photo of CNN's liberal-bigot jake Tapper in Ferguson and behind him is the "ISIS is here" sign. Fits right in with the N.O.I.

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