Thursday, June 6, 2013


We at The Eye Witness like to counter propaganda whenever we can.  We are one of many bloggers who do this.  It is necessary work.

The Jesse Dirkhising case has been pretty much lost down the memory hole thanks to a media which has as its goal the shoving of sodomy into the faces of everyone from cradle to grave.  But it is good to remember this case.  It is not an isolated one.

If you do not have a strong stomach, do not read the details.  I haven't read all the details.  I don't want to.  There is enough, more than enough, in the general reports to give the correct impression.  Searching for the least offensive reporting of the story possible we came across this article:

Mary Ann Kreitzer wrote it and she wrote it very well.  We bring it to the attention of our readers so that we can understand the hellish forces we are up against.  If you know any Boy Scout leaders, you might bring this article to their attention; it will let them know what is very possibly in store for them in the near future.

Don't look for any in-depth reports from the usual disinformation sources.  They are not interested in the truth.  They are the enablers of evil.

There are other cases of murder by homosexuals.  They are also hushed up.  But we are not interested in hushing them up.  Quite the contrary.


Anonymous said...

Thanks eye-witness, I have to go shout from a couple of roof tops right now.

Anonymous said...

I went to the Link and could not read it all but will try increment-
ally. I went to pvewood.blogspot
today. There are comments about
some.. Romanian leaders planning to
attempt to amend the Constitution
to read marriage is the union of a
man and a woman. I suggested the
lefemmes Link there.

Anonymous said...

Aged-parent, I go to the pvewood
blog regularly. He is knowledgeable
about a number of interesting topics. He is Catholic, English
Catholic so.. rather a Catholic
VII. But thank Heaven of course, not all English Catholics are. I do my best to tweak at him kindly.

Anonymous said...

Hello, I thought it might be helpful to post a few links for you and your readers about the onslaught of homosexuality we are experiencing. Church Militant.TV did a good documentary on homosexuality recently which is available on You Tube. They also have an extensive page of links whth the documentary. If you don't have time to watch the documentary, look at the links.
Such as:
Homosexual Activists Intimidated American Psychiatric Association into Removing Homosexuality from List of Disorders.

The non-stop deluge of sodomite propaganda in todays media is meant to make people forget what sodomy is really about. They're always portrayed as witty, intelligent, physically fit and having stable homosexual relationships. The more I learn, the more I hate television.

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