Tuesday, June 25, 2013


From RT Today:


Like most of the world I never believed the story that the Palestinians were using their own children as human shields in their fights with the occupiers of their country.  The idea was utter rubbish and no sensible person believed it.

But apparently we were all wrong.  Palestinian children were in fact being used as human shields...but not by their parents.  Or by Palestinians at all.  The above link to the RT story spells out the whole hideous picture.  It also explains the relentless campaign of propaganda and disinformation that was and is constantly being fed to us by the pro-occupation press.

The perpetrators of this barbarous practice call this story "recycled old stuff".  Perhaps Pope Francis could bring up this old stuff when he pays his obligatory visit to the Holy Land and makes merry with his hosts. 


Anonymous said...

Geller says she has naught against
Islam the religion but has against
Political Islam. Did your jaw drop?
She all for Political Judaism. Why do people take seriously what she says. ?

Aged parent said...

Mizzz Geller is a particularly repulsive individual and I try to avoid coming into contact with her writings. If she is trying to separate Islam into the political and religious dimensions then I am not sure what point she is trying to make.

Her slavish loyalty to the Israeli occupiers of the Holy Land is, of course, very well known.

Those who take her seriously, I imagine, are those who do not wish to confront the realities of what is going on over there.

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