Wednesday, June 5, 2013


A French farmer rips out GMO corn from a field. 
Sometimes you just have to sit back and admire the crass, amazing and unbridled chicanery of The Devil's Own corporation, Monsanto.  We write about them often here at The Eye-Witness because it never ceases to amaze us how predatory and downright unscrupulous this company is and how little people seem to care.  So with apologies to those who are tired of the subject, and who can skip on to some other article, we present to you this latest clever move by this amazing bunch of monsters.

The article was written by William Engdahl, a perceptive observer of European trends and a man dedicated to the increasingly difficult task of keeping his health in a world awash with fake food.  His article makes for very interesting reading indeed.

The recent "March Against Monsanto" in places around the world, a march not organized by the usual NGOs, initially caught the kindly folks at Monsanto off guard.  It was organized by social media, by real people sick (literally) of what Monsanto is doing to the world's food supply.  This bothered them.  It showed that the opposition to their junk came via a grass-roots effort.  They were unamused that the peons were rising up.  But with that Beelzebub-like facility for always landing on their two feet Monsanto initiated a very clever (you have to admire it) disinformation campaign intended to make the world believe that they were reconsidering their sales efforts in Europe.

Many believe that to be true.  Not so.

Engdahl shows exactly what is happening and how Monsanto has managed it.  They are masters of a Public Relations technique that they and other multinational corporations who prey on hapless consumers have honed to the very last word in perfection.  They really are quite brilliant.

But, then again, so is Mr Engdahl.  And he has got the goods on them.


Anonymous said...

This demonstrates some of the problems with unrestrained "laissez faire" capitalism and unregulated so-called representative democracy. First I need to say that I am not advocating any form of Marxism (Socialism, Communism or any other euphemistic name given to Marxist style government). Since the time of Leo XIII the Church has condemned Socialism and, unlike proponents of liberation theology and the Gramscian false "social justice" crowd, I sincerely support Church teaching. Many people I know in the USA are stuck in the false dialectic of Capitalism vs Communism. They believe that if you don't completely approve of modern capitalism, you must be a Marxist. If I am critical of corporate tyranny such as Monsantos' policies or I point out how many democratically elected government officials are being bought off by wealthy campaign financiers, I am accused of being a socialist . We are supposed to have representative government but what we currently have in the USA is plutocracy. Just look at what Monsanto gets away with or see 0bamas' "green energy" plutocrat/oligarch friends who got huge amounts of government grant money with little or no accountability. The irony is the fact that so many people of many different political and religious persuasions are enthusiastically supporting the system that is hurting them. the unfortunate fact is that any government that turns away from Christ will end up being ruled by Satan, Augustines' city of God v. city of man concept always rings true.
I only wish I could see an easy solution to this. /end rant

Anonymous said...

Some people say not voting is no
solution and withholding a vote for
one party is giving a vote to the
other. Voted all my life but will no more. when I get the political
calls and letters I tell them I will not vote for them and tell them why. The lesser of two evils
seems a distant memory. I honestly believe that Ron Paul
was worth supporting. It seems he
couldn't be bought threatened or
blackmailed. I think Rand Paul
is in sympathy with Zionists. I could be wrong. I pay not much
attention to Washington lately.
It just makes me cynical and angry.

Aged parent said...


You are spot on. We are always given a choice between two false options, in this case Communism and its mirror-image, Capitalism.

And we do indeed live in a plutocracy (or oligarchy if you will). Thanks for the excellent comment.


Agreed. Another situation of two unacceptable choices, Republicans or Democrats. They're both in the same boat and very much apart of the plutocracy that Anon above writes about.

As far as Rand Paul goes...well, he is a grave disappointment and you are most likely right about who he is in sympathy with.

Welcome to the United Stupids of America.

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