Monday, June 17, 2013


I am grateful to that grand lady, Mrs Daphne McLeod of Pro Ecclesia et Pontifice for bringing to our attention the existence of a petition to be addressed to Rome regarding the forgotten Canon 915, which requires the withholding of the Sacred Species from those who are in manifest grave sin.

The petition information can be found here:

Not that respecting the gravity of the situation means anything to prelates like Donald Wuerl or to ubiquitous online "supercanonists" who twist themselves into knots trying to make the Canon mean something it does not.  But here is the situation in a nutshell: priests, Bishops and Cardinals are giving Holy Communion to public sinners and persecutors of the Church like Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, pro-abortion politicians, etc.  Full stop.

Now either we believe that the Holy Communion wafer contains the Body and Blood of the Son of God, or we don't.   I have no idea what Donald Wuerl believes and others like him but I do know what the Church believes and  teaches on this simple point.  One does not need to have a degree in Theology to know what receiving God unworthily lets us in for.

We were taught that before receiving the Holy Eucharist we were to confess our sins especially serious, mortal sins to a priest before we could approach the altar rail.  Perhaps we missed Mrs Pelosi and Mr Biden in the Confession line but I cannot recall them amending their pro-abortion, pro-sodomy ways after their unworthy reception of Communion.

The question must always be asked if petitions to Rome ever do any good.  It's a reasonable question.  I have no answer to it, alas.  How many petitions were sent to Rome about the unspeakable Rembert Weakland which went unanswered and ignored?  He was never removed.  He removed himself only after being exposed as a poof.  The same with Cardinal O'Brien.  The list goes on.  Regardless of whether petitions do any good or not, or to what extent they do some good, it is praiseworthy to let the Vatican know, especially in cases of outrages as horrifying as this that Christ should be mocked no longer.

We at The Eye Witness commend Daphne McLeod, and the members of the Catholic Truth Society, for organizing this vital work.

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