Saturday, September 17, 2016

TODAY: Trying to protect its citizens, Syria is attacked by US and Israel

Today America and Israel struck Syrian government forces who are trying to protect their country from the ISIS terrorists.

Here is the news report:

What we are now seeing is the complete absence of any pretense.  We are seeing pure, naked aggression against Syria, fighting for its life against the terrorists sent by the US and Israel.  It is not "the terrorists" destroying Syria; they are mere pawns, cannon fodder created by mandarins in Tel Aviv and Washington to do the dirty work, the prep work so to speak.  Yes they are monsters; are they any worse than the ones who created and sent them?  But even so they were being defeated by Syrian forces with enormous help from Iran and Russia and Hezbollah.  So in the face of these setbacks the big boys, the deciders, decided to act. Today after the so-called cease-fire US and Israeli jets in an obviously coordinated campaign swooped into the country to destroy Syrian army personnel, the same personnel protecting its citizens.

Let us sort this out.

The US/Israeli alliance is fighting the Syrians who are fighting the terrorists.  These two cruel regimes did not attack terrorist positions.  Oh no.  They attacked the Syrian government positions defending their nation against the US/Israeli trained terrorists.  A Syrian spoke out about this two years ago.

I will make this short in the hopes that as many as possible will see through the clouds of fog that have obscured our visions for decades.

Why did the USA and Israel do this?

1.  The Yinon Plan.  Please peruse the details of this plan.

2.  Israel wants to steal the Golan Heights from Syria, because of its strategic position and its wealth.

3.  The war mongering lunatics and Dr Strangelove's (like Ashton Carter) in Washington are itching for a new world war, so that International Finance can pick up the spoils, as they always do.

4.  This is another attempt to goad Russia, one of the nations working with Syria to stop the destruction of their country, into taking the bait and responding militarily.  That way the US can have its little war...which will turn into a big war.

5.  It is also political.  It will help war monger Hillary and hurt less-war-inclined Trump.  (But now that Trump has selected one of the worst neocon idiots in the world to be his "security adviser", James Woolsey, it is no longer certain that he would honor his pledge to work with Putin.)

6.  To further annihilate the Christian presence in the cradle of civilization.

With today's move it is no longer possible for rational people to continue to avoid seeing the true reality of what is going on.  Perhaps what we are seeing is that the Iranians were not too far off the mark when they called America "the great Satan". Here are two horns on the head of the great Satan working together to destroy the Christians and innocent Muslims in the Middle East.

Our Lady of Damascus, pray for them, and for us.


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