Monday, September 19, 2016

Russia finally calls a spade a spade: The US supports ISIS

After Saturday's coordinated US/Israeli strikes on Syrian government troops, which allowed ISIS to gain new ground in that war-ravaged land, Russian foreign ministry spokesman Maria Zakharova decided to put her foot down and speak some bold truths to our UN Ambassadress Samantha Power. Zakharova is one tough cookie and it is great to see someone speak out against the supremely arrogant likes of Power.

Here's the news story:

Naturally, the little boys in Tel Aviv who instigated the Syrian mess and are using Washington as their attack dog remain delicately unmentioned here by Russia.  In charity I will presume that they have good reasons for not also calling out Israel even though they are fully aware of who the masterminds are in this war.  But that the USA was finally publicly accused of doing what everyone around the world knows it is doing is at least refreshing.

In the meantime, Christians continue being murdered in Syria by the two nations most intent on eradicating Christianity in the Middle East.

Maria Zakharove at left.  At right the hideous Samantha Power

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