Friday, September 2, 2016

Bits and Pieces

Ancient Arabian dreadlocks.

Who knew?  I am forever grateful to Hollywood for these important groundbreaking historical discoveries.

Hillary Clinton, like her addle-pated Republican predecessor, tells us that if elected she "will end evil in the world".  I presume that means she will commit suicide on inauguration day.

Big Buggery has published a "shame list" of those colleges that don't do enough to promote buggery.  I'm quaking in my boots.

Creating Problems, then Creating Solutions.  The government/media complex is cramming into our heads, 24/7, that "foreign interests", specifically "Russian", are messing with the elections this November.  Thus, the media/government alliance creates this idiotic preposterous "problem".  But fear not: it has already suggested the solution to the problem it has created out of nothing.  The solution?  Federal control of the elections.

After the carnage in Milwaukee recently the usual sources told us that unemployment and poverty were the reasons for fatherless young black males to riot, shoot at police and loot.  We're trying to remember how many riots and burnings occurred during America's Great Depression of the 1930s.

The Vatican wishes to know which acts of mercy we have performed lately.  I have performed one.  I have refrained from assassinating Cardinal Schonborn.

Mr Donald Trump has been warning voters about the dangers of political correctness while crying rivers of tears over the plight of poor, downtrodden sex deviates and assuring us that in his administration they will be protected.  From who?  Cake bakers?

The 1959 version of "Ben Hur" was directed by William Wyler, the director of such classics as "The Letter", "The Best Years of Our Lives", "The Big Country", "The Westerner", "Wuthering Heights" and "Roman Holiday".  The director of the 2016 version was the director of such classics as "Abraham Lincoln Vampire Hunter".

Death Throes of an Empire.  The further degradation will continue apace now that the USA joins Israel in placing women in combat.  Any father, brother or husband who would allow this is unworthy of the name father, brother or husband.

The pot calls the kettle black.  President Obama says Donald Trump is unfit to be president.

Herr Frau Merkel assures her German citizens that Germany will always be Germany....after importing a few million Africans.  Will Africa be Germany, too?

Contest: Which one is Merkel and which one is a Morlock from "The Time Machine"?

The NBA has officially announced that it will shun North Carolina due to its common sense bathroom law. Look at the bright side, North Carolina: at least the rapes of white girls will dwindle considerably with all those "athletes" being in another state.

Pope Francis and all his sycophants, clerical and lay, want us to "contemplate the earth".  OK.  (pause) There.  I've contemplated it.  What's next?  (Maybe my navel?)

Robert Spencer, loyal toady to not-so-ex Trotskyite David Horowitz, is running around the world along with agent provocateur Pamela Geller doing everything he (and she) can to stir up Muslim hatred towards Christians while warning the world about Muslim hatred against Christians.  Perhaps I am too obtuse to understand the wisdom of this approach.

In order to combat the over-hyped danger of the Zika virus, the State of Carolina just sprayed half the state with a pesticide that was supposed to kill the virus-carrying mosquitoes.  It killed things all right: untold millions of bees.  Great job, South Carolina!

Apparently Russians really are stupid, if what is reported in their worldwide website Russia Today is any indicator.  Once a respectable dispenser of news no one else would publish, RT is now on a crusade to paint every white American as a murderous racist, gleefully shooting "unarmed teens" as a fillip before breakfast.  Dear RT, would you do me a favor?  If I paid for the travel expenses, would you send one of your journalists to spend a day in some of the more interesting parts of Detroit?

A general in the Israeli Defense Forces claims that Israel has raised occupation "to an art form".  Tell me again why the historic inhabitants of the Holy Land are a bit upset.

Our "Pope of the People" is always so busy meeting with the little people, the downtrodden, the people who have no say in things, like Mark Zuckerberg.

"Oh, thanks Mr Zuckerberg, I mean, 'Your Highness!'"
Desperation.  The "Great Right Wing Conspiracy" is back!  Dear Hillary who discovered this nefarious conspiracy while her husband Bill was president has uncovered it once again lurking around the internet.  When she becomes El Supremo she will be certain to root it out, so she informs us.

It took awhile to get me interested in something called "the burkini incidents" in France.  It also took awhile to decipher what a "burkini" was.  Apparently, however, some writers think that this episode, allowing Muslim women to dress rather modestly at beaches, is akin to the end of the world or something.  Are there not more important things to worry about in the world?

Poor Mark Zuckerberg.  After spending over $300 Million on a spacecraft that would be able to spread his mindless propaganda to those poor, unenlightened peoples of Africa that aren't able to waste their lives listening to blather, he had to watch his rocket explode on the launching pad.  My heart goes out to this great humanitarian (and friend of Pope Francis).

In Syria most of the weapons and vehicles captured from the ISIS terrorists, which have been demolishing the Christians there, turn out to be American made.  I simply cannot imagine where they got them.

Archbishop Stanislav Shevchuk of the Ukranian Greek Catholic Church (a man I do admire), is disturbed about what he calls "Russian aggression" in Ukraine.  Oddly enough he provides no evidence of this aggression.  Also oddly, he is less worried about the rise of Goldman Sachs, homosexual advances, radical Ukranian groups funded by George Soros and the reducing to penury of his fellow Ukranians by the forces behind the 2014 coup in Kiev.

The new Russian "Religion Law" has outraged Mormons and various sects of Bible-thumpers because it seems to ban them from getting too influential there.  At the same time Russia is allowing Catholics to come to Russia to meet with Orthodox believers.  While we have mixed emotions about that development at least it might help certain Orthodox see that not all Catholics have horns coming out of their heads.

Recently two European priests, one from Austria and one from Spain, presided over sacramental "blessings" of two sex perverts joined in wedded bliss.  The thundering silence from their Ordinaries was indeed impressive. [Update: it is possible the Austrian priest will face some kind of censure from his Ordinary.  We hope it will be more than "no dessert after supper for you, Father".]

Uh-oh.  The newly elected president of the Philippines Rodrigo Duterte has just referred to Philip Goldberg, US ambassador to his country, as a "gay son of a bitch".  He also called US Secretary of State John Kerry "crazy".  How refreshing to hear the unvarnished truth for a change, and coming from a world leader no less.  Surely a nice little regime change will be coming his way real soon.

Can we all get together as friends and pray that George Soros will die?  Soon?  Not that such a thing would end the world's evils of course but at least one head of the hydra would be cut off.

We could also pray that George has a Road to Damascus conversion.

Everyone who is praying for Pope Francis has their own preferred way of doing it but mine is to say a Hail Mary for him so that he will come to his senses before the Church is totally destroyed.


Unknown said...

Beautiful. Just the thing for a Friday morning.

Aged parent said...

Thank you, Unknown.

TLM said...

Some great thoughts! I like the prayer for the Pope.....mine is on the same order, I pray daily for his 'conversion to the Church of Christ', and sometimes I add: 'Out with the Paganism and in with Catholicism, please!'

Aged parent said...

Thanks, TLM. Sometimes it's awfully hard to work up enthusiasm for praying for Pope Fancis but I know we have to. I like your version.

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