Thursday, July 9, 2015

Wall Street Blues

Hank Greenberg, a  poor, beleaguered businessman
In Norway men like Mr Greenberg (see link) would be in jail for financial crimes.  But the US government has taken our money to bail him and others like him out, even as he sits upon a multi-million dollar personal fortune.

Now with the chutzpah so characteristic of his class he would like more billions of our tax dollars.

Yes, he really does:

Hilaire Belloc, in his Economics for Helen and other writings, predicted exactly this, that under the capitalist idea the middle class would be reduced to being milch cows to the super rich.

It is long past time for the world to return to economic common sense.  A good source for anyone interested in learning about how economics are supposed to work, based on the social teachings of the Church, would be the catalog titles available from IHS Press:


anon said...

Wall Street Jues

Anonymous said...

Thank you for faithfully and fearlessly exposing this thievery. Of course, "the tribe" is always implicated when it comes to controlling and increasing their wealth. It is good to hear a truth teller.
Unfortunately, a well known traditional blog has started to censor comments regarding Jews. I was instructed that there are "good" Jews and "bad" Jews and my comments deleted.
Obviously, the Sanhedrin has gotten to them. Pity. They lost a fan.

Keep up your good work.

aly said...

Advise: When visiting the eye witness and other website that allow "freedom of speech" use a variant spelling as anon above did. There has been another conference in Tel Aviv the capital of a place that calls itself Israel. The conference developing ideas as to how to censor websites that offend their sense of paranoia.

Anonymous said...

You might have a point, but I am guessing that this and other "anti-semitic" ( not my phrase ) have been monitored since the internet was founded.
Just see who the big names are that are involved in the internet "business".

aly said...

You have a point too. But I think they are becoming very worried that their lies are no longer holding.

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