Sunday, July 12, 2015

Ezra Kaplan thinks it's a pretty good time to nuke Russia

Thanks, Ezra, for that helpful suggestion.

I would like to ask, though: do you speak only for yourself or for your co-religionists as well?

Does the incineration of several million men, women and children weigh terribly heavily on your conscience?

Could you possibly explain to us why you think Russia should be reduced to ashes just now?  I note that you wrote gushing articles over at US News and World Report about the recent "Supreme Court" decree decision to impose sodomy on America.  Might that have something to do with your animus against a nation that isn't imposing sodomy?

Are you a homosexual - or shouldn't I ask??

May I offer you a suggestion, Ezra?

Go to Hell, and take your revenge fantasies with you.


Not surprised said...


Anonymous said...

The Russians have the Dead Hand option so maybe Ezra would like to reconsider his suggestion.

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