Monday, July 13, 2015

UK: Oppose Sex Perversion? You are an ISIS-like Extremist

Great Britain has some news for those who try to stop the Sodomy Train: You are extremists like ISIS.

Mrs. Nicky Morgan, the UK’s Education Secretary, has recently said that a child that expresses negative views about homosexuality is at a risk of becoming an extremist. Apparently, the aim of the new guidelines the government is about to impose on schools is to root out ISIS-style extremism from educational establishments. However, as it is often the case, the new rules will likely be used to attack Christian schools and subject Christian believers and their families to tough sanctions.

My poor, sad England, once Our Lady's Dowry.

Use this little news item as a preview of coming attractions in the Benighted States of America.

Read about it here:

There is not much else to be said about this other than proffer the question which asks, how long will people take this trampling upon sanity before there is finally a reaction.  Will people of all races, nationalities and religions at last unite in opposition to this lunacy?  It is an interesting question. Events do seem to be coalescing into some sort of major confrontation between the worldwide powers of chaos and those who may just about have had enough.  As I watch international events from one little corner of the world I note  the people and nations who promote this chaos, and I note those who are rejecting it.  We know, or should know, that all wars are religious, whether those wars are fought with guns or whether they are fought in the culture. Christianity in general and Catholicism in particular are, of course, the main targets in this war. Like their Jacobin and revolutionary forefathers the Masters of Chaos must "crush the wretch", the "wretch" being the entire Catholic idea.

A pity Catholicism is so poorly served by so many clerics high and low.  When they aren't being embarrassing or wearing their mediocrity on their sleeves (or wearing their masonic aprons under their cassocks) they are sowing confusion and despair throughout the entire Church.  Fathers who vex their children so outrageously will pay for this when they meet God face to face.

Our Pope has recently done the apology bit again, taking up where John Paul II began.  When you begin to realize that he is in effect apologizing for his Holy Mother - yes, his Mother - for having saved the people of South America from devil-worshippers, you begin to understand that here is a man sorely in need of prayers, not to mention some elementary history.  In heaping scorn upon his Holy Mother this way and resurrecting the old, debunked Black Legend against Spain he has disastrously strengthened the powers of chaos.

These powers, as we see in the news report from England, are fully prepared to bring on a major persecution.

Francis has much to answer for.  One hopes he realizes this.


FLOR solitaria said...

There is no freedom for the Catholics in Russia either. They are not allowed to proselytize and the very few who still exist there live in fear. The separatists in Donbass have destroyed the Greek-Catholic churches and harassed the Greek-Catholic faithful. Greek-Catholic priests have been thrown out of Crimea and their churches closed.
The only religious freedom in Russia is for the Orthodox. Buddhism, Judaism and some forms of Islam are tolerated there because of political reasons. There is a virulent hatred of Catholics and Catholicism, continually fed by the unscrupulous former communist prelates and echoed in all the Orthodox countries.
Catholics need to face reality, no matter how painful. Didn't Jesus say that they will be hated by the whole world because of Him ? What better proof than the current global attitude ?

aly said...

Holy Mother NGO.

Damask Rose said...

Honestly, there's nowhere to go. These people are so determined. If you don't accept homosexuality intellectually, they will simply punish you. For those of us who believe that homosexuality is a 'sin crying out to heaven for vengeance' whether gays act out or not, I believe that the Catholic Church will disown us. ...Unless something happens with this upcoming Family Synod..., like a split. At the moment I think Catholics are being groomed by the Church to accept homosex.

The trouble with these people calling those who don't approve of homosexuality 'extremists' is that the social-worker brigade could actually take your children away (God forbid, and place them with gays). There could be loss of jobs.

It doesn't surprise me this has happened in the UK. Isn't the UK government a puppet of sex anyway and just following in the footsteps of that adulterous murderer Henry VII? Some protestants are going to hate Catholics, full-stop.

But definitely, Catholics are rammed in-between homosexuality and Islam, no doubt about it, and no-one will help.

Damask Rose said...

Apologies, Henry VIII.

Damask Rose said...

"Will people of all races, nationalities and religions at last unite in opposition to this lunacy? It is an interesting question."

Don't know, we'll see. People do seem to be choosing more right-leaning governments. Comments on blogs seem to be getting rather rightist. I think chess pieces have been moved into place. We all know a super-government is running any given nation's government, to what extent in each country is debatable. If people don't accept their Islamification or socialist-agenda writ large, then they can always put a drug in the water supply to make people docile, or start chipping people with self-destructing nano-technology.

Nihilism. People believe in nothing but themselves. They've got people just where they want them, this has been engineered since Titus and the Diaspora.

Anonymous said...

At the risk of sounding like a street-corner crank I suspect the ground is being prepared, very well prepared, for the installation of the first phase of the long planned 'one world government'. I fear the Catholic Church is a willing accessory to this crime, perhaps this is a wild guess, but we will see this more clearly after this October Synod.

Dad29 said...

A pity Catholicism is so poorly served by so many clerics high and low. When they aren't being embarrassing or wearing their mediocrity on their sleeves

Hmmmhhh, yah, but when has Catholicism been OVER-served by 'clerics high and low'?

One can make the case that after 100 AD, it's been mopsy-flopsy. Let's recognize the effects of Original Sin for what they are: pervasive, whether in Bishop's robes or not. And let's also remember the paving-stones on the way to Lucifer's palace!

aly said...

Since Francis has taken Peter's Seat I have wondered at this invoking the name Jesus. Francis the Jesuit. What does this invoking mean? A genuine love of Our Lord Jesus Christ the King? Restoration? I now wonder if Francis has wished to make Jesus commonplace. Commonplace as anything. Commonplace as nothing.

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