Wednesday, December 24, 2014

The Christmas of those who mourn

I know, and am happy to know, that most Catholic bloggers and websites pray for their fellow Christians suffering in the world.  As Christians we lament when they lament; we mourn when they mourn.  It is therefore most encouraging for this writer to note an awakening in the Catholic mind to the results of the evil that has been engineered by forces from the Darkness.  The hatred of Christianity by the powers that be - financial, governmental, media - is especially virulent on the High Feast Days and whether it is bullets firing at them, or having them watch as their lands are stolen from them or having their beliefs ridiculed by the mass media the ultimate target is always Christ, His Kingship and His Order.

With that in mind I encourage you to read the following piece by Daniel McAdams, an astute judge of the ways of the powerful and their relentless, satanic pursuit of self-interest.

A quote:

"Many Americans, particularly those who rely on the mainstream media for information, will believe that the rise of Christian-killing ISIS and al-Qaeda in Iraq is the result of the US military’s departure from Iraq rather than from the US invasion of Iraq. Simple logic argues the opposite: if even the Washington Post admits that Christians thrived in Iraq until the 2003 invasion, how can it be argued that the invasion was not responsible for the decimation of Christianity in Iraq?"

At your Masses and at your manger scenes, mourn for them, please, and pray for them.

[An Arabic Christmas hymn, which Saint Benedict Center put on their website:



Anonymous said...

An excellent article. Of course we should pray for our fellow Catholics and Christians suffering in the Mid East, but perhaps we should also start praying for ourselves because it is only a matter of time before persecution arrives in Europe and North America.
In his address to Harvard students in June 1978 Alexander Solzhenitsyn had this to say:
"But the fight for our planet, physical and spiritual, a fight of cosmic proportions, is not a vague matter for the future; it has already started. The forces of evil have begun their decisive offensive; you can feel their pressure, yet your tv screens and publications are full of prescribed smiles and raised glasses. What is the joy all about?"
Needless to say his prescient observation went down like a lead balloon.

Anonymous said...

Please also remember our fellow Catholics in China and Africa.

"Have pity on me, have pity on me, at least you my friends..."

Merry Christmas, Aged Parent.

Aged parent said...

Thank you for your important comments, Anons, and for your Christmas greetings, which are heartily reciprocated.

Anonymous said...

"Aged parent" it has come to my attention that you are on your blog alltimes of the day, all days of the week. Even at Christmas time, when do you give those 10 children any attention? Just wondering.

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