Thursday, December 11, 2014

A View from the Orthodox

We found this article very interesting in that it gives us a fairly clear picture of how many in the Orthodox Church look upon Catholics.  What is also interesting is the quotation from Pope Francis' November 5th address from St. Peter's.

The article is here:

It would be quite astonishing to expect the Orthodox, in their present state of mind, to find them in agreement with Francis if these words attributed to him at that address are accurate.  It is further astonishing that Pope Francis actually said the words attributed to him.  Dare we cheer about these quotes, which sound as if they came from an earlier, better era?  Has the Holy Ghost been tapping him on the shoulder of late?  It is difficult to know since he still appears, if news reports are strictly reliable, to have this weird fascination to lob hand grenades into the Church with some views on the divorced, the remarried and the sodomitical that cannot be reconciled with Catholic truth, let alone Catholic reality.  One militant Orthodox wrote to me how utterly shocked he was at some of Francis' public statements, calling them "blasphemy".  A harsh word, yes; but I cannot blame this Orthodox man for thinking this.

Francis is, according to one commenter who has been offering his comments on this blog of late, "wildly popular".  To this commenter this is a good thing.  Perhaps.  But this writer will be much more impressed with Francis when the world ceases loving him and starts to hate him.  When and if that day comes it will be an infallible sign that he is changing course and beginning to speak like the Popes of old.  Right now at this moment we have no reason to expect such a turnaround. Confusion abounds. As interesting as was that quote from the Pope quoted in the article the tally of general papal utterances so far leans heavily towards those of disastrous imprecision which is the reason that we have no cause to expect any major changes anytime soon.

This see-saw papacy, where one day something astonishingly shocking is uttered by Francis and the next day something relatively orthodox is stated, does tend to give one a migraine headache at times.  But with absolute certainty we can say that unless this Pope or the next one strongly condemns in no uncertain terms the real modern evils of our day (as opposed to the chimerical issues such as "global warming, cooling, climate change" to use one example of what concerns this pope) the Christians of this world will have much to suffer.

Perplexing.  But interesting.....

....if your definition of "interesting" is watching the Catholic Church under the Modernist scourge crumbling before your very eyes.


Anonymous said...

Wake up pilgrims! You all need to plug into some historical reality.
Pope Pius XII was the last of the 'orthodox' popes, and every pope after has to varying degrees 'modified' traditional Catholic teaching. That statement is pretty obvious, but what was the purpose of such modifications? The answer rests in discerning the intent of the Second Vatican Council. The documents produced by those deliberations are full of internal contradictions as if a compromise between two opposing schools of thought was attempted.
The dominant fraction of 'progressives' were in my opinion incipient 'globalists', (after all the Church is 'universal'), who were happy to see a watering down of doctrine if greater benefits were to be gained by accommodation with other faiths ultimately leading to a synthesis of world religions. We saw the start of this with J-P II efforts at Assisi.
The Argentine Apostate is simply the ultimate flowering of this trend which prescient observers made in the early 1960's. Our surprise is proportional to our lack of vigilance.
A sales pitch has been made to the Orthodox Churches. But they say emphatically, No Sale! Can we blame them. The Catholic Church is sinking, so why should the Orthodox take in tow a vessel likely to sink them too.

Anonymous said...

Yup! Francis is obviously doing SOMETHING right, at least as seen by the Catholic (?) bashers on this hate filled blog. Wildly popular, indeed.

Anonymous said...

Anon 8:16, We 'Trads' aren't Catholic bashers, far from it. We are simply exposing the errors that have crept in since VC2.

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