Wednesday, October 29, 2014

Will Hungary be next on the Kill List?

Hungary is showing distressing signs of wanting to cease being a lapdog.  In recent years it has been angering the US and the EU for its newly rediscovered moral backbone and its refusal to be another body supplier for the Perpetual War Machine headquartered on the Potomac.

It has been angering powerful financial interests too, which does not sit very well in certain circles.  In other developments not expected to win them too many friends among the world's plutocrats they are doing their best to free their farm lands from Monsanto.

They have banned sodomarriage.

They are becoming more pro-life

Now they are ignoring the US/EU/Israel Axis of Arrogance by helping Russia build the South Stream pipeline.

Oh, and they recognized Palestine as a State, too.

Naughty Hungary.  Their dear Uncle Sam might have to remind them of a few realities.

Do not be surprised if Hungary starts getting accused of all sorts of crimes in the big media press club. Do not be surprised if those ever-active lovers of Democracy (who should mysteriously be appearing any time now in major Hungarian cities) will be showered with millions from the US treasury to bring "power to the people".  The National Endowment for Democracy is undoubtedly already at work fomenting revolution and spreading out the money in major centres of the country.  And I would not put it past the powers-that-be to begin another of those famous "color revolutions" intended to oust their rightful leader and replace him with a puppet more to their liking.  The Ukraine under Yakunovich did far less than what Hungary has been doing of late and was promptly democratized by the US in the Kiev coup in February.  Perhaps the ubiquitous Victoria Nualnd (aka Victoria Nudelman, wife of neocon warmonger Robert Kagan), the little _itch [insert the letter "w" or "b".  It really doesn't matter], who orchestrated the thing for America, can be trotted out once again to work her magic in Budapest. I hope the rulers in Catholic Hungary are watching Kiev and taking note.

This is worrying in that the Powerful of the world do not take kindly to being told "No", therefore it would not surprise me in the least that Hungary will face the same horrors that Ukraine is now facing.  Ukraine is suffering because it opted to be closer to its neighbors and its people, even though Yakunovich was no Garcia Moreno.  Yet whatever the faults of this classically corrupt politician, the people of Ukraine are now being ruled by the very oligarchs that are ready and willing not only to do the bidding of the United States - which includes firing upon and killing its own people - but to bring it under the control of the George Soros-type billionaires who will gladly loot the country of whatever in it that is valuable and turn it to a profitable venture for themselves and their cohorts just as they have done elsewhere.

I hope the once-strong Catholic faith of its people will see Hungary through all this should my gloomy scenario turn out to be correct; I hope the spirit of the great Joszef Cardinal Mindszenty will keep them alive and vigilant.  For it is the same forces that destroyed Hungary under Communist dictatorship, the same forces that crushed the Hungarians in 1956 that are now alive and well in the "West", and who will unhesitatingly try to crush them when and if the time comes.

Hungary is going to need spiritual help now because unless we are totally mistaken they will be or already are on the Imperial Kill List.  Please God I am wrong about this.

May the Holy Crown of St Stephen protect the people of Hungary for what might be coming upon them.


Rr said...

Actually Nuland has already spoken, in Washington, beginning of October, at the Center for Central European Affairs. She has reminded the Hungarian government who is its true friend and who has always been its enemy, namely Russia.
Viktor Orban has started a slow, but clear, movement toward the powers-that-be, the descendants of the Hungarian despots.
So, really, pray for Hungary.
Rosa, Milan

Anonymous said...

The Magyar people are a proud and valiant nation, the events of 1956 proved that, but they have a big weakness in that they tend to look down on the Slavic nations surrounding them. In some ways the feeling is mutual and the language barrier doesn't help to reduce their cultural isolation and antagonism they feel towards Slovakia, Serbia and especially Romania. I hope I'm wrong but they will be easy meet for the internationalist.

Rr said...

I don' t think they are more culturally isolated than Slovakia.
By the way, Romanians are not Slavs, and their language comes from Latin. A part of today Romania in the West was for centuries Hungary, and it was united with the Kingdom of Romania after WWI. Then Soviet Union took part of Easter Romania ( Bessarabia), and the Romanian frontiers were pushed westernly. Like it happened with Poland. There are today a minority of Magyars in Romania, as well as in Ukraine.

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