Saturday, October 11, 2014

We've lost another Defender of the Faith

It seems that in recent weeks all we have been doing here has been informing our readers of the loss of the Church's most valiant defenders, one by one.  A few weeks ago we lost Anthony Fraser. Today we have lost Richard Collins whose wonderful blog, Linen on the Hedgerow, has been a mainstay and a source of no little comfort to Catholics struggling to hang on to a sinking Ark, trying to keep it afloat.  Richard was one of the sailors who was bailing out water from the sinking ship, keeping it above the waves even as its Captain and his entourage have ignored the leaks.

Richard was a Catholic gentleman through and through.  He was a gentleman in a world that has forgotten what a gentleman is.  He fought fiercely for the Church but always with honor, with wry humor and with great courage.

We needed his presence on the internet.  We needed his calm, his resolve and his willingness to say forthrightly what had to be said.  His loss makes the Catholic blog scene somewhat barren only because he was that one-of-a-kind sort of Catholic, the kind that  you talk to and get encouragement from when things get really tough, as they are right now.  His truly was another loss we can ill afford just now.

Pray for his good and gracious soul.

RIP, Richard.  My deepest thanks for what you wrote and accomplished, and may Our Lord convey you swiftly to the Beatific Vision.


Anonymous said...

Oh my. I am so very sorry to hear this.

I have enjoyed reading his defense of the Faith. May. God reward him and comfort his loved ones.

Anonymous said...

So many of our manly Catholic heroes have passed on in recent years. As a female I feel so unprotected. At least we have their words and councils to bolster us.

May God rest this faithful Catholic servant and bid him enter into His Kingdom.

aly said...

I feel so sorry. I did not know till now.

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