Friday, October 10, 2014


I've been waiting for this.  Every time this collection of cowards, apostates, idiots and poofs (aka, the Modernist prelates) get together for some BIG meeting they have to come up with a "theme", or a slogan, or that "just right" word to jump start the publicity campaign.  And they haven't disappointed.

Introducing.... "Gradualism"!

It's not as corny and vomit-inducing as "Operation Protective Edge" or "Operation Enduring Freedom" but it is a good enough code word to describe utter destruction.

Here is one dictionary description of that word:

the policy of seeking to change something or achieve a goal graduallyrather than quickly or violently, esp in politics

Well, considering what they're up to, and have been up to for the past century and a half (at least), namely the utter transformation of the Church from what it was to what suits their strange minds, I cannot think of a more perfect word for them to use.

Over at, Brother Andre Marie dissects their thinking quite nicely:

But leave it to men like Cardinal Godzilla to strike just the right note with his use of the new wonder word, "Gradualism".


Anonymous said...

'Gradualism'.....isn't that what happened to the proverbial frog in initially cold pan of water?

Not buyin' their Prot nonsense! said...

I caught that too, Aged Parent. It is the cunning used by the murderer who poisons his victim slowly so as not to arouse their suspicion. Rat poison and heresy are best served in small increments.

They will lie and squirm and twist truth and they will find rats with an acquired taste for their poison but when it comes to destroying Catholic Dogma they will out just what the Vatican't.

Mar said...

That's right, Anonymous at 1:25PM
Used to be considered a bad thing, something to be on the guard against. But now Rome puts wolves in charge of the sheep and listens to the roaring lion who wishes to devour.

Everything is back-to-front and upside-down, those key elements of Satanism.

Anonymous said...

That was a very good likeness, AP. Amazing resemblance. I would never have thought of that but it sure works.

Anonymous said...

This blog seems to embrace the St. Benedict Center. Why? The following is taken from the book "Deliver Us...a religious cult vs Richmond, NH" "Pay no attention to that man behind the curtain. With all the various articles articles, letters and postings made by Mr. Villarrubia through a computer, one could only compare him to the Wizard of Oz. While the Wizard could only wield his power by remaining hidden behind the curtain, Mr. Villarrubia remain hidden behind a computer." Page 87 Want to read more? Go to

Aged parent said...

Anon @9:41pm

I have already answered the calumnies against these people in a comment you made the other day by providing you with the relevant links. I suggest you practice the virtue of charity by reading the response to those calumnies you insist on repeating.

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