Thursday, September 4, 2014


Blackwater busy in Ukraine
It is always instructive to discover who owns whom in the corporate world, for when such knowledge comes our way it helps to explain much about how various evils can become so firmly entrenched.

A rather fascinating bit of news came our way this morning from an interesting article on RT Today. Here is, as they say, the "money quote" (literally):

We all know that Google has been founded by Sergey Brin, but the main stockholder in the company is the Vanguard Group, which also owns the Monsanto company that produces genetically modified organisms. Monsanto, in turn, owns the military contractor company Academi, previously known as Blackwater, which is now fighting on the side of Ukrainian Nazis,” Delyagin said. The expert also recalled that the Internet major had repeatedly faced accusations of making backdoors in its software that can be used by the US National Security Agency.

How delightful to know that Google's major stockholder also owns the most rotten corporation on the planet, Monsanto, which in turn owns Blackwater, the ghoulish gang of paid mercenaries who do the USA's very dirty and very murderous work for them in places like Iraq, Syria and now Ukraine - and Heaven knows where else.  Death, misery and sickness are big business for these entrepreneurs.

We could have saved this piece for the next flag-waving holiday but now is probably as good a time as any.


Michael said...

Indeed. Not a surprise at all. The only thing missing from the posting is that Brin's sister-in-law is CEO of Youtube and that Zuckerberg of Facebook, the wealthiest man in the world at age 30!, also have massive tentacles gripping every facet of social media and the money garnered by it. All these cloak and dagger world manipulators have two things in common. Money is their god and they are Joos.

May they get their rewards. Soon.

Anonymous said...

Control food production ( Monsanto ) control a private paramilitary force that answers to no government ( Blackwater ), and control the internet ( Facebook ).
Perhaps "The Protocols" were not such a "fraud" after all.

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